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November 10, 2009

Jenks coming back?

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The Chicago White Sox are leaning toward bringing closer Bobby Jenks back in 2010, even though there have been whispers of trading the pitcher for the last three months. A weak group of free-agent bullpen men may have helped the Sox decide to hold onto Jenks, who will earn around $7.5 million in arbitration next season.

Off-season targets

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Former Sox DH Jim Thome, Yankees’ World Series hero Hideki Matsui and Texas third baseman/DH Hank Blaylock are all on a list for the White Sox. …

What would it take for me to put you on that seat?

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Kenny hopes for good news from the marketing and ticket sales departments:

“Over the years, they’ve been able to step up and sometimes it’s not until the end of the season where you get certain things (money for their progress). We then can get an idea of ticket sales and sponsorships. We know they are working endlessly to try and get us more revenue, which then would give us more payroll to work with.”

The White Sox sold 200,000 fewer tickets in 2009 than they did in 2008. At an average of $50 a ticket, that’s $10 million.

Podsednik wants a multi-year deal?

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The White Sox have until Nov. 20 to negotiate with their own free agents exclusively before the 29 other clubs can bid on their services. It’s unclear at this time whether the team can get a deal done with Scott Podsednik in the next 10 days. The South Siders’ leadoff man is looking for a multi-year deal, which he deserves. The White Sox are not so sure a commitment beyond one year is a good idea at this point. The positive of aspects of Podsednik’s game is that he is still a force on the basepaths and hit .300 last season. The downside is his age and his history of groin injuries.

Kenny’s off-season plans

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What are you planning Kenny?

1. Take it easy:

“We’ll have to let some of these dates [Winter Meetings] come and go to determine what the free agent class is and see if there is an overflow of supply.”

2. Don’t trade pitchers Danks or Floyd:

“You can never say never, but you can say unlikely.”

3. Give Paulie more starts at DH now that Kotsay is signed.


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Peoria Saguaros vs. Peoria Javelinas: Boxscore, Gameday. Jordan Danks is playing RF. Brent Morel is playing 3B. Weather: 78 degrees, clear.

UPDATE: Javelinas won 9-5:

Jordan Danks: 0-3, 2 BB, 2 K, .329 AVG
Brent Morel: 3-3, 1 RBI, 1 E (1, fielding), .371 AVG
Jacob Rasner: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 K, 2 BB, 0 HR, 18.90 ERA
Kyle Bellamy: 0.2 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 K, 2 BB, 0 HR, 3.38 ERA

Kenny explains why Gordon Beckham moved to 2B and not SS [UPDATE]

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When Beckham moved why not back to short and Alexei at second?

”Because Alexei’s better than Gordon at short. Not that Gordon can’t play the position, but Alexei is a special guy. What we do have to get Alexei a little bit better on is his focus. That’s not unusual for a young player. Gordon would also have some of those defensive lapses if he were in the middle of the field. People really don’t understand how fast the major-league game is until you’re out there. Believe me, it’s not an indictment on Gordon’s abilities; it’s more praise of what Alexei can do.”

UPDATE: More Kenny:

“It’s not the end of the season with Alexei we have to get squared away. It’s April and May. Now that he’s two years removed from Cuba, hopefully the third year will be the charm where he can have a good April, or maybe we just leave him in Arizona and play someone else there until June. He probably would win a batting title if he didn’t have to play in April.

Kenny explains the free-agent market

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Kenny puts on his teaching cap:

“There are actually about three or four different free agent markets.There are the Yankees, Red Sox and both LA teams. Then there’s a second market where we probably fall in. Then there’s a tier below us, smaller markets, competitive teams who in a particular year want to go for it. Then you have the poorer market teams that are trying to piece things together. Some teams can’t walk in the door and compete with the White Sox. They can’t say, ‘We want this player’ because I’ll say you’re not getting him. It’s the same with the White Sox and the Yankees. I can’t tell Cash (Yankee GM Brian Cashman) that I want (CC) Sabathia.”

DH? No way says JD

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Jermaine Dye at what positions would he play:

“There are a number of teams I’ve heard already that would love to have me. I know one thing, I will not be DHing. You can put that down. If a team wants to try me out at first base on an every day basis I’ll do that. That’s something I feel will be easy to learn. But as far as DHing that’s not for me. Teams shouldn’t call if that’s their plan.”

A lot more on the link.

Mark Buehrle wins Gold Glove

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… on Tuesday, Buehrle officially captured an award he had coveted since becoming a member of the South Siders’ rotation in 2001. Buehrle took home an American League Rawlings Gold Glove, joining Jim Kaat as the only pitcher in team history to earn the honor recognizing exceptional defense.

Buehrle’s Gold Glove is the first won by a White Sox player since third baseman Robin Ventura in 1998. Always considered one of the best fielding pitchers in the AL, Buehrle was blocked by previous winners Kenny Rogers (five times), Mike Mussina (three times) and Johan Santana during his past nine years.

None of those three currently resides in the American League, with Buehrle’s .982 fielding percentage (one error, 41 assists) in 2009 putting him into this illustrious list.

Dayan Viciedo in the plans says Kenny

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Kenny Williams on Dayan Viciedo:

“He’s very much in the plans. How can he not be? The kid’s going to light up the scoreboard when he gets here, and he’s worked his tail off, which I’m very proud of. He became a very good teammate, and from what I understand, a funny teammate. So there’s personality in there, too. Of course, we’re going to have to teach him English, so we can understand the jokes. But I’m sure, in the next couple of years, that’ll happen. He’s going to force his way here. The way that shakes out, we’ll figure it out at that time. I like it when guys force their way here.”

Kenny doesn’t like defensive metrics

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Kenny when asked about the Sox defense next year:

“I don’t have a measuring stick. All the measuring sticks that are out there, I’m not in favor of them. I don’t find much validity in them.”

Kenny also cited the improved athleticism and said the Sox defense will be better.

Some scouts like the Sox Mark Teahen acquisition

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Three scouts like the Mark Teahen acquisition, especially now that he will go back to third base:

“That’s where he should have been. You’ll see his numbers improve.”

Another scout:

“Teahen needs to put the ball in play more often with that lineup and lack of power right now. I do think he’ll make their overall defense better at third.”

BTW, here’s Mark Rosenthal’s opinion:

“Mark Teahen was a below average defender at third base last season according to two advanced metrics, and one rival GM says he does not hit well enough to justify the $5 million plus the low-revenue Royals would have had to pay him in salary arbitration. The White Sox can better afford Teahen, but a .749 career OPS at third? Hmmm.”

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