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November 9, 2009

Links, we got links, we got lots and lots of links.

— Mark Buehrle’s perfect game is the theme of an exhibit at the Art Institute.

— The Pods talks are back on. But Kenny won’t sacrifice other needs to fill the leadoff role.

— Dotel and Dye are officially ‘Type A free-agents’. Dotel filed for free-agency.

— Kenny expects the youngsters to contribute.

— Kenny will seek Carlos Quentin’s permission if he wants to move him to Right Field.

— Sox interest in Aroldis Chapman appears lukewarm says van dyck.

— Here’s the Elias free-agent rankings list. BA’s Q&A is here.

— Sox’ odds to win the 2010 World Series: 28-1.

— Phil Rogers wonders if Kenny will go after Roy Halladay.

Kenny Williams on Hideki Matsui and Chone Figgins

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Kenny on Hideki Matsui:

“I think he’s an excellent outfielder and I think he’s a World Series MVP. How can I not have as much respect for him as I could possibly have?” said the White Sox general manager with a wry smile. “I would imagine he’s going to command in salary more than we can afford to pay him. But should he want what we have available … you never know.”

This philosophy espoused by Williams in regard to Matsui should pretty much be applied to any and all big-ticket free agents where the White Sox are concerned. At least that image was depicted by Williams during his 45-minute chat on the state of the White Sox and Major League Baseball’s general economic climate. During a Friday conference call, Williams mentioned how the White Sox would spend whatever they had to break even, but there wasn’t much there to spend. That idea was driven home again Monday. “Our bottom line is we are not going to spend more than we have,” Williams said. “Well, there’s always hope that people get excited about the club. The economy comes back up and advertising and sponsorship levels increase. I know our marketing and sales people are working their tails off to try to find new ways to bring in revenue. “So, whatever we have, we will work with it and try to be creative, if necessary,” Williams said.

and Chone Figgins:

Williams was pushed a little further on this matter, asked if the White Sox had money for one free-agent addition. He quickly smiled and said it would depend on who that free agent would be. When the name brought up as an example was Chone Figgins, the Angels’ outstanding leadoff man, Williams didn’t hesitate in knocking down that present possibility. “If you are asking me today if we have those kinds of dollars, the answer is no,” Williams said. “We don’t have that kind of money.” …

Matsui is a no compensation free-agent. Figgins is a Type-B free-agent.


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Phoenix Desert Dogs vs. Peoria Javelinas: Boxscore, Gameday. Brent Morel is playing 3B. Weather: 78 degrees, clear.

UPDATE: Javelinas won 4-3:

Brent Morel: 2-3, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 SB, 1 DP, .313 AVG
Sergio Santos: 2.0 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 K, 1 BB, 0 HR, 6.35 ERA

… but not Chone Figgins

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from Bruce Miles’ GM meetings report:

It doesn’t look like Chone Figgins, late of the Angels, is a monetary fit for either team in Chicago. “That’s not ‘little,'” Kenny said of the kind of money Figgins will be looking for.


Kenny Williams said he feels about outfielder Jordan Danks the same way at this time that he felt about Gordon Beckham last year. That’s high praise. So maybe we will see Danks at the Cell come spring

or Kenny is preparing to ship him out of town!

Figgins is is a Type-A free-agent.

We’re getting Vladimir Guerrero

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… says Tim Dierkes of mlbtraderumors.com. From his ‘2010 Top 50 Free Agents‘ post:

19.  Vladimir Guerrero – White Sox. The White Sox would generate attention by signing Vlad as a DH and occasional right fielder.  Landing Guerrero would also be a solid baseball move on a reasonable one-year deal.

Phil Rogers doesn’t see it:

The Sox could use Guerrero or another RBI guy to lessen the load on Paul Konerko, the often-injured Carlos Quentin and Gordon Beckham. But Williams seems to want a left-handed hitter and will steer away from base-clogging types, like Guerrero.

I don’t see it too. A lot of the 2010 money has already been allocated. I don’t think Kenny will be going after Vlad. It’s not unthinkable though. Especially if Vlad is one of Kenny’s guys.

Guerrero is is a Type-A free-agent.

Kenny wants an outfielder

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”We’ve done our groundwork awhile ago,” Williams said. ”We’re going to look at our outfield. We have one spot left in our outfield. Fortunately, we can look at either corner spot or center field.”

According to Williams, if he doesn’t like what he hears on the outfield front, ”we’re certainly not under any dire pressure.”

That’s because Williams has watched Jordan Danks put on a show in the Arizona Fall League after a solid minor-league season. Sox pitcher John Danks’ younger brother also can lead off and play multiple outfield spots. …

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