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November 3, 2009

Gavin is feeling better

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The plan for Floyd is to start tossing the baseball in late December, and then after getting married on Jan. 2, he’ll start throwing off the mound in mid- to late January. Floyd pointed out that there never really was a diagnosis for his pain, and he didn’t rule out something remotely related to pitching mechanics.

“You never know,” Floyd said. “But I’ve thrown across my body my whole life, so I don’t understand how it would be mechanical. It was really … it got to the point where it was on my mind every pitch.

“They tried to narrow it down what it was. We don’t know what actually caused it, but time was the thing to heal it, and when I got time, it felt a ton better.”

Mark Gonzales talks Sox

Liptak (11/1/09):

Mark Liptak: What does Kenny look at when he figures out what to do this off season?

Mark Gonzales: “As I figured it out the Sox have 10 players going to make 71.5 million next season and that includes Dayan Viciedo who I think will be with the team at some point next year. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this off season Kenny moved some guys to give him more dollars to work with.”

“Kenny remember, and this is important, is a man of action, not reaction. It’ll be interesting to see how patient Kenny will be especially if the free agent market again tilts in favor of the buyer. I look for Kenny to aggressively improve the team through trades but he’ll also keep in mind some possible free agent bargains that could be out there.” …

A lot more at the link: Swisher, Walker, BA, Ozzie, Kenny, Vazquez, Betemit, Reinsdorf, Byddy Bell and much more.

BTW, I clicked Joe Cowley’s interview (4/12/09) and Cowley says that Reinsdorf’s son “doesn’t want to run the White Sox.” Interesting…

Jordan Danks making a strong impression on the AFL

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Sox outfielder Jordan Danks is making a strong impression on the scouts down here. Sox minor-league director Buddy Bell told me that Danks already is the best defensive outfielder in the organization.


Baseball America rates the 6-foot-4, 210-pound Danks as the best athlete in the Sox’s system and its top defensive outfielder. Scouting reports play up his range and arm, and he has shown off both in all three outfield positions in Arizona.

Jordan usually bats second in the AFL, though he batted lead-off with the Barons:

“I’m not a typical leadoff hitter. The whole Southern League knew I was a first-pitch swinger. I led off every game and swung at a lot of first-pitch changeups. I’ve asked a lot of coaches about swinging at the first pitch, and they say if it’s there, go for it.”

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