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October 3, 2009

Sox Assistant GM Rick Hahn a candidate for San Diego Padres GM job?

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But, but he’s in line to replace Kenny:

The San Diego Padres have interviewed three candidates for their now vacant general manager position. While the speculation has often included Jeff Moorad’s ties to the Arizona Diamondbacks, Rick Hahn with the Chicago White Sox has the closest bond of all – he worked for Moorad before joining the White Sox. …

MLBTR says the Padres GM won’t e someone within the Padres organization or come from the D-backs.

Sox 2009 attendance

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In 2009 the Sox drew 2,284,163 in 81 games (28,200 average). Last year the Sox drew 2,460,749 in 81 games (30,380 average). So there was a 7.2% decrease in attendance this year. Numbers from USA Today.

Greg Walker’s pet projects: Carlos Quentin, Alex Rios

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Walker has a plan:

Greg Walker’s hitting duties will expand this winter and could take him to places as far as Puerto Rico and California. The White Sox’s hitting coach plans to stay in contact with Carlos Quentin and Alex Rios, whom each struggled this season.  “We’ve got to square some things up going into next spring training, and I’ve got some ideas what I want to do next winter with both of them,” Walker said. “I’ve already talked to them about it. We’re all on the same page with it.” …

Chone Figgins doesn’t fit the current budget [UPDATE]

says Ozzie:

“I don’t think Figgins. To be honest with you, would we like to have players like him? [Bleep], everybody does. But this kid is going to cost you a lot of money. If we figure out this guy is going to solve our problem, then [board chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] will take a shot because Jerry wants to win. Jerry wants to win. [general manager] Kenny [Williams] wants to win. I want to win. Everybody wants to win. In the meanwhile, Kenny is going to go see the market and we are going to see how … I would love to have [Scott] Podsednik back but that’s my call. It’s between Podsednik’s agent and Kenny and the White Sox, but we just need someone. That was our problem this year, our center field problem was pretty deep.”

Dye isn’t even in Ozzie’s plans:

“Having Rios at the start of the season will make everything easier. With Rios, Quentin and whoever is out there, hopefully Podsednik, but I don’t make that call. There are a lot of names out there but I’m not going to tell you we bring this guy or that guy because I don’t know exactly. I know where we are going when you trade for Peavy and Rios. We are going in the right direction. We are going to win. We do things little by little and hopefully everything work out.”

And Carlos Quentin will moving from left field to right field says Cowley.

UPDATE: Gregor says the Angels, Cubs, and Yankees seem more possible destinations for Figgins.

And Gonzales says “Guillen is relieved the rotation appears set.”

Ozzie Guillen on trading Bobby Jenks

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Ozzie Guillen on trading Bobby Jenks:

“Tough call. We don’t want to trade him, but in the meanwhile, Kenny’s never going to say no to any trade if he thinks it’s going to help this organization. I still think Bobby’s going to be our closer next year. If something happens between now and next year, then we’ll make a move. Can (Matt) Thornton close a game? A lot of people doubt it; I say yes he can. He’s got good enough stuff and he’s got experience. I think right now, our bullpen’s going to make maybe a few changes. I think on paper, it’s a good bullpen, physically. But honestly, very inconsistent and we’ve got to get better.

and on Tony Pena:

“I think Pena’s fine. I think Pena’s in the spot he should be in. We just got him to help the bullpen. We put him in big spots and he failed, but all of the sudden he bounced back and pitched well. As long as he does that, he’s going to help make the organization better. He knows his role and next year, he might know his role a little bit better. I’m pretty pleased with the way he’s thrown and I know he’s going to get better.”

Fastball Velocity vs. Swing and Miss %, Foul Ball Rates, and Ball In Play Rate

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Mike Silver:

[H]ere are the actual results for fastball velocity, particularly swing and miss percentage and foul balls. The sample includes every fastball that was swung at during the 2008 season, broken down into velocities of 85 mph and up. This yielded a sample of 38108 events. There were a number of interesting trends, particularly the correlation coefficients of fastball velocity relating to swing&miss percentage, and foul ball percentage. To me, the foul ball percentage was the most interesting, but I’ll let you decide. …

Interesting stuff…

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