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September 27, 2009

2009 was #8

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Sunday’s attendance was 33,685, giving the Sox their eighth-highest total in history at just under 2.3 million.


Organist Nancy Faust received a pregame scoreboard video for her 40th season.

More playing time for Flowers and Lillibridge?

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The White Sox never wanted to be in this spot. Manger Ozzie Guillen has said since September began that if the White Sox were out of the playoff race, the team’s Minor League prospects would take the big league field to gain experience for next season while playing in a low-pressure environment. Now, it appears he will make good on his word. With September reaching its conclusion and six games remaining in the regular season, Guillen finds his team eliminated from playoff contention. And no matter how well or poorly the South Siders play to close the year, they will end the season right there. …

Ozzie goes off, Take #2

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Ozzie on Ozzie:

“Listen, I have [Alexei] Ramirez, Carlos Quentin, Gordon Beckham, and I got [Chris] Getz. I have [Tyler] Flowers. I have seven or eight kids, and the problem we have in baseball is that the people who run this thing, they let players do whatever they want to do, and that’s why they do whatever they want to do. My job is to teach those kids that it is not the way to do it. I never tell my players what to do or how to prepare yourself, but when you lose a game and all of a sudden you look around and they are watching another thing, that means you are teaching the kids, ‘Don’t worry about it, this is the big leagues. If we lose a game, who cares? We are out of the pennant race. I have to teach these kids it’s not the way we should handle this stuff. If I let that thing go away, then I don’t have the power and the right to tell the kids in the future what to do because it was like, ‘Well, two years ago, you let them do it. … Watching a football game? I never said anything about watching a football game. When you’re stupid, pick who’s going to win this week, who’s not. I don’t get involved with that because I respect that. But when you lose a game and you were embarrassed by the other ballclub, to me, I don’t care who’s there. That’s the way it’s going to be. If nobody wants to play for me, so be it. Whoever plays for me, he’s going to respect this game. He’s going to go about the business the right way, and I don’t think last night was the right way to show me about the way we go about our business. As soon as the game’s over they’re worried about who’s winning in college, who’s the best quarterback. Who [cares]? Respect the game, respect your teammates, respect people paying. It’s not only this clubhouse, every clubhouse in baseball. That’s my problem. I don’t have a problem with the players, I’ve got a problem with baseball and baseball doesn’t handle it the right way. My plan is to see those kids grow up and manage the White Sox for a little while. Believe me, anyone who is going to play for this organization, they are going to learn how to be a professional and how to handle things the right way. I see it around the game, players do whatever they want to do. Maybe I made mistakes I didn’t even know about as a player. But all the problems we have in the game are because we don’t have people to step up and say it and do it, and that’s not the way. Believe me. I grew up a different way. I grew up. When you lose, it hurts. You are embarrassed. That taught me the respect for the game.”

They are who we thought they’d be?

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But it wasn’t Guillen who drew the ire of the preseason predictors who tabbed the Sox as a below average operation. It was Williams. ESPN’s Rob Neyer called for the team to win 75 games before the season and believes the White Sox are what should have been expected and that Williams’ assertion the team is underachieving is off-base. FanGraphs’ Dave Cameron ripped Williams for his direct role in the club’s performance due to their lack of talent, not their underachievement. (Guess that’s the last time Williams listens to Cammy when it comes to player advice, eh?) Like always, hindsight is 20/20 but there’s a good chance if the predictors were offered a mulligan on their outlook on the White Sox, they would have taken it. Do you think given the opportunity, on August 22nd with Jake Peavy on his way back and the club at 63-60, would anyone stick to their 75-win prediction? Maybe the most stubborn but not many. …

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