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September 20, 2009

Ozzie to keep the same infield next year

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Guillen reiterated on Sunday that he doesn’t see any changes coming for his infield in 2010. He likes the combination of Gordon Beckham at third, Alexei Ramirez at shortstop and Chris Getz at second base. “My infield is set. That’s going to be the team, hopefully,” Guillen said. “I’ll take the three kids. They play well and have a lot of energy and bring a lot of great stuff. Alexei has been better the past two months, Beckham is unbelievable the way he plays third. Nobody talks about Getz, but he’s a great baseball player.” Guillen also believes that Jayson Nix will continue to function as a top-notch utility player, including as an emergency outfielder.

Daniel Hudson to start tomorrow’s game

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[R]ookie Daniel Hudson has emerged from a muddled picture as the replacement pitcher for Gavin Floyd on Monday night. Floyd is having at least one start skipped due to muscle soreness near his left hip, but if the White Sox fall completely out of contention, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said on Sunday that Floyd could be shut down for the season’s final two weeks.

ScoutingtheSally on Josh Phegley

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From the Top SAL Catchers list:

5. Josh Phegley, White Sox – The 38th overall selection in the 2009 draft, Phegley’s ability to handle a pitching staff, throwing arm, and propensity for driving the ball hard to the opposite field really impressed me. With his poor defensive reputation, I watched him from a number of different angles and saw nothing which would lead me to believe he could not be a serviceable big league backstop. He’s not Jackson Williams behind the plate, but he certainly is not Jesus Montero either.

Phegley’s stats. BABIP for the year was .238. Using the “normalize luck” and “normalize park” functions at Phegley’s MinorLeagueSplits.com page we get a /.275/.321/.480/.801 with a .301 BABIP line.

Down goes Beckham! (video) [UPDATE]

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Sox to move Buehrle?

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Here’s Ozzie Guillen:

“Buehrle, every year he throws 230 innings. I talked to Coop about our plans for the future and we might move him back, not be the first guy anymore, be the third or fourth. Give him time to recover and be consistent. Every time Buehrle goes out there, he gives us a chance to win.”

Doesn’t the %1 starter get the same rest as the #4 starter? What is this ‘give him time to recover’ BS? And ‘be consistent’? Joe? Joe Morgan?

Monday’s starter: Daniel Hudson or Carlos Torres

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When D.J. Carrasco reports to Spring Training with the White Sox sometime in mid-February, 2010, the right-hander is hoping for a chance to compete for the final spot in the team’s starting rotation.

Carrasco thought there might be an early opportunity to make his case for that job on Monday, as Ozzie Guillen announced before Saturday’s 13-3 victory over the Royals that Carrasco would be replacing Gavin Floyd and his sore left hip for this spot start. But there was Carrasco, pitching two scoreless innings of relief on Saturday, helping protect Jake Peavy’s first American League win in his first American League start.

Despite Carrasco throwing only 20 pitches, Guillen said after the game that he will not start against the Twins. That job now will now fall to one of two rookies: Daniel Hudson or Carlos Torres.

“I told the coaches, ‘I don’t care about Monday if we don’t win today,'” said Guillen as to why he turned to Carrasco to pitch the seventh and eighth innings with a four-run lead. …

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