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September 16, 2009

Sox will try to trade Josh Fields in the off-season

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The White Sox will actively look to trade Josh Fields this offseason. That comes as no secret since both sides have agreed that the former first-round pick would probably be better off somewhere else when the 2009 regular-season closes. … Fields said he and general manager Ken Williams did have a talk right before he was sent down in midseason, and “everything has been discussed and everything has been laid out on the table from both sides. He knows where I’m coming from and he gave me the position of the White Sox. As far as I can see, everything stands the exact same.” The Sox just won’t just give Fields away, but expect them to try and kick down every door to get him relocated.

Ozzie promises changes in spring training

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Ozzie annual ‘We’ll bunt and run more in the next this spring training’ speech:

“Spring training is going to be a little better because we know what we have, and know what we have to work on every day to play the way we want to play. We cannot continue to miss signs. We cannot continue to try and hit-and-run and hit a foul ball. We cannot continue to miss bunts. Little by little we’ve started getting better and better, but that’s going to be our main thing in spring training – make sure we do the little things right day in and day out. If we do that we won’t go into slumps like we do this year. We’re not going to be in a slump because someone will do something to break it up. We won’t have to wait for the big boys to wake up all season long. You learn from it, and hopefully we continue to improve. There’s going to be more bunting. There’s going to be one station just hit-and-run. Game situation, just one for that, and then we’ll hit. Because we’re going to need it next year. This year was pretty bad. We may have a section for whoever is coaching third base, or Coxsy [Jeff Cox], you just stay with him for a half hour because I think we missed so many signs this year, it was unbelievable.”


Sox release Bartolo Colon

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The Chicago White Sox requested waivers on right-hander Bartolo Colon on Wednesday for the purposes of giving him his unconditional release. The announcement was made Wednesday afternoon prior to the club’s game in Seattle. Colon, 36, was 3-6 with a 4.19 ERA in 12 starts for the White Sox this season, but had been on the disabled list since July 28 with right elbow inflammation.

John Sickels on Justin Smoak

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Justin Smoak:  Smoak was the 11th overall pick in the draft, from the University of South Carolina. I thought this was a great bargain for the Rangers; I loved his bat and had him ranked ahead of all college hitters except Alvarez and Buster Posey before the draft. He got off to a great start at Double-A Frisco, hitting .328/.449/.481 with 39 walks and just 35 strikeouts in 183 at-bats. However, he strained an oblique muscle in June, and while he came back quickly he wasn’t the same afterward. The Rangers promoted him aggressively to Triple-A Oklahoma City where he hit .244/.363/.360 in 54 games, continuing to show good plate discipline but lacking power. Overall he hit .290/.410/.443 with 12 homers, 75 walks, and 81 strikeouts in 386 at-bats. I still like Smoak a lot, and suspect that the oblique hampered his performance much of the summer. He retained command of the strike zone even when struggling. However, hopes that he would be ready in 2010 have to be tempered; he’ll need more Triple-A time.

Smoak’s stats.

Today is FJM Reunion at Deadspin [UPDATE]

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Ken Tremendous, Junior and DAK all-day at deadspin.

UPDATE: You can find all the FJM entries @ deadspin.com/tag/fjm/. Two KT pieces I liked are here and here.

Jon Gilmore scouting report

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He supposedly has power to all fields, but only has 10 home runs in over 1000 professional at-bats. His strikeout rate isn’t a major concern, but like many raw hitters, he doesn’t draw enough walks. …

Here’s the ‘Scouting the sally’ scouting report on Jon Gilmore from last week.

THT Fantasy on Freddy Garcia

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Mike Silver:

When assessing the health of a starter, there are a few key indicators to watch for. One, of course, is velocity. When a player is hiding an injury or has lingering effects from surgery or a previous DL stint, they often see a reduction in velocity. Fortunately for Garcia, his velocity is right where he left it in 2006, his last full season in the majors. While this is a good sign that he has recovered well from his latest shoulder escapade, this does not mean that he is back to form from his days in Seattle. In the early 2000s, when Garcia was at the best of his career, he was sitting in the 91 mph range (with a season at 93 mph in 2002). His arm has not been the same since 2006, when dropped 2 mph on his fastball from 91.4 in ’05 to 89.3 mph in ’06. The Garcia of 2009 sits at 88.5 mph. While not the Garcia of old, a 0.8 mph drop in velocity is not much to be concerned about, considering all his arm has been through.

The second, and often, more important, indicator is his command ratios. Even if a pitcher has a decrease in velocity, hitters will not be able to slug his stuff until he starts leaving it over the plate or getting into lots of hitter’s counts… and then there’s the walks. Even with diminished velocity, should Garcia be able to control the strike zone and keep his walk totals down, he should be a relatively effective pitcher. Luckily for him, he has been able to do so, as his 2.83 BB/9 and 56.3 first-strike percentage are right in line with his career averages. …

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