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September 13, 2009

Greg Walker thinks Alex Rios has mechanical problems

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Everyone involved with the White Sox organization has their opinions on what’s wrong with Alex Rios. From manager Ozzie Guillen insisting that the outfielder had never been moved to a different team before so tried donning a cape and playing Superman when he came over, to hitting coach Greg Walker talking about a guy that has now become overwhelmed with mechanical problems.

Mechanical problems? Let’s see what Walker does. Ozzie Guillen doesn’t sound thrilled:

”This year has been a very unusual situation. Every time we’re in a slump, it’s everybody. You’re not going to take anything away from the pitching staffs that we’ve faced, but we’ve been facing some pitchers this year, it’s like, ‘Who the [hell] is this guy? They don’t even belong in the [expletive] big leagues, and they just kicked our ass.’ I’m not going to lie. I know who beat us, and I know who should beat us. We’ve faced some guys where they’ve called him up, faced us and get him back to [expletive] Double-A, get the [hell] out of here. That’s how bad we’ve been.”

More Ozzie:

And with six of their final nine games against the Tigers, manager Ozzie Guillen believes the White Sox can still compete for the division title if his four veteran hitters heat up down the stretch. “We got Carlos [Quentin], we have [Alex] Rios, PK [Paul Konerko] and JD [Jermaine Dye], almost in the same way,” Guillen said. “I think if two out of those four guys get hot, I think it’s going be interesting. Because if we play the way we play right now with those guys hot, that means we can do some damage.”

Tobi Stoner

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Freddy’s brother?! h/t baseball musings

Today’s Peavy’s bullpen session

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Seems Peavy’s bullpen session today was his best so far. Here’s Peavy:

“I think today was the best we’ve been since I’ve been on the mound. I’m starting to get there. I’m excited about it. I know who I can be, and it’s been frustrating to get there and jump right in and not ease into things. Its’ been different than what I’ve done in years past. Today was certainly the best I’ve been and felt and hopefully that progresses.”

And pitching coach Don Cooper:

“His movement was outstanding. He has outstanding movement. I haven’t see the guy pitch first-hand in a game, but if that’s not the biggest asset, it’s certainly one of them. His curve ball was good, his cutter was good. His fastball, change-up, went to a full windup, stretch, went over hitters. We really isolated the fastball more than anything. It went very well. I can see this guy getting a lot of ground balls. I think the big thing now is to get his feet wet again in big-league situations. If he gets ahead in the count, with the stuff he’s got, I always believe any  pitcher that’s ahead in the count is dangerous. With his stuff, he can be lethal.”

Peavy will throw another bullpen in two-three days and then he could  make his Sox debut two-three days after that, which is this weekend against Kansas City at the Cell.

Sox to re-sign Freddy?

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MLBTR dissects John Perrotto’s column. Here’s one nugget:

The White Sox plan to re-sign Freddy Garcia to be their fifth starter.

BTW, here’s another MLBTR post: The Sox like Chone Figgins.

Clayton Richard update

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While the Chicago White Sox are still waiting for Jake Peavy to make his first official pitch for the team, the Padres are getting plenty of mileage out of one of the four pitchers they obtained in the trade with the White Sox on July 31. Clayton Richard, who gets the start Sunday for the Padres in the final game of a three-game series with the Rockies at PETCO Park, will make his ninth start for the team and his first against Colorado. Richard is 4-2 with a 5.40 ERA in eight starts and has shown promise at times and has struggled at others.

Here are Clayton Richard‘s home/away splits from B-R:

     Home 3 0 1.000  1.88 4  4  0  0   0  0 24.0 16  5  5  2 12   0 22   0     1 96 1.167  8.3  1.83
     Away 1 2  .333 10.69 4  4  0  0   0  0 16.0 29 19 19  4 11   0  9   0     0 85 2.500  5.1  0.82

Seems like, Clayton should put a ‘I love Petco Park’ poster above his bed!

Video of Nevin Griffith

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Jim has video (2:35) of RHP Nevin Griffith from a game last month. Here’s Jim’s scouting report.

Griffith’s line from the game’s boxscore:

Griffith, N (L, 2-4) 5.0 9 5 5 3 2 0 4.24

BTW, here’s what John Sickels and FutureSox had to say about Nevin Griffith back in July.

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