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September 10, 2009

3 Decades of Minor League Translations

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Dan Szymborski:

Attached is the current fruit of a long-term project I’ve been working on. Namely, a large reference of minor-league-to-major league translations (zMLE or ZiPS MLE). We get back into the late 70s here as going back to then, there’s always some source that has the statistics required. Once we get earlier, there are some years that have BB and SO data, generally the most important missing data, but it’s extremely spotty and sometimes, not even whole years are filled. Some day, I’ll have these going back for as long as there was minor league baseball as SABR’s database project proceeds.So, what value do these have? For me, two things stand out as the most important. First, having these either reminds us or introduces us to fine players that never got a shot in the majors. We live in a time when Japan is a real alternative option for Ken Phelpsers like Greg LaRocca to have lucrative careers playing baseball and when increased understanding of the usefulness of minor league statistics in the mainstream has resulted in fewer guys getting completely overlooked.

Second, more information helps us increase our knowledge of how players age and develop. For systems that look at comparable players, it’s quite useful to have more 18-21 year-olds that aren’t stars to help us crack, from a statistics standpoint, who will develop and who will not. …

Ozzie Guillen on Daniel Hudson

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Here’s Ozzie Guillen:

”Our plan is to keep him in the bullpen to see what the big leagues are all about just in case this kid makes the ballclub next year. He’ll know what it’s about. We won’t have to teach him everything. ‘It was a great move by [general manager Ken Williams] to bring up this kid who’s got a chance to be here next year. ‘I like the way he throws. I don’t remember a guy who came up to the big leagues and all of a sudden throws the way he did. He pitched to a lot of Triple A players, call-ups, and maybe that’s why. But I’d like to see him face the real deal. He seems like he responds pretty well. A lot of people in the organization are pretty high on him. I [like his work]. He’s going to be better, too, because he’s going to have more confidence. And if you have more confidence, you throw strikes. That’s a nice thing to see.”

Knee surgery for Carlos Quentin?

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For now, the team has a repair job on its hands in trying to get their 2008 MVP candidate to return to the level he was in his breakout season. Obstacle No. 1 is the physical part. Quentin revealed that while the left foot that gave him trouble most of the season likely won’t need surgery, it led to damage in the knees that may. “My health is something I need to take into consideration in the offseason, something I’m going to have to really address and stress,’’ Quentin admitted. …

Peavy ready to go

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Jake Peavy pronounced himself ready Wednesday to make his first start for the White Sox, which will be either against the Angels or Mariners. That decision will come later this week, but Peavy sounded eager after a vigorous 35-minute bullpen session in which he distanced himself from the right ankle and right elbow injuries that have delayed his Sox debut. “I’ll go as long and as hard as I can for as long as they’ll let me go,” Peavy said. “That’s all I can tell you. I have no reservations about anything. I’m so anxious to pitch. I’ll take what I can get.”

Sox to keep Alexei Ramirez at Shortstop

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Alexei is the Shortstop of the future:

“Ozzie and I have talked, and we have no plans to move him off of shortstop,” said Williams of Ramirez. “He should be the shortstop in a White Sox uniform for a little while,” Guillen said.

Kenny likes the Alexei Ramirez, Gordon Beckham duo:

“We like having that athletic left side,” Williams said. “We really have two shortstops on our left side of the infield. As they are more comfortable with each other and become more comfortable with the Major League game, they should become one of the more solid tandems.”

Ozzie on benching Alexei back in May:

“There never was any back and forth between us because he knows I was right,” Guillen said. “There is a reason you are on the bench. We talked about it, and he understands. He had a bad attitude on the field and we come here to fight. He wasn’t fighting the right way. He thought playing shortstop in the big leagues is playing shortstop in the Cuban League. No, that’s a different scenario.”


“Alexei is a 28-year-old [as of Sept. 22] second-year player in the big leagues, who has proven that he can make the spectacular play and the routine play,” Williams said. “Is there an occasional lapse? Yeah, there is. The whole darn team has had an occasional lapse. He’s going to continue to grow and get better.”

And Alexei:

“More than anything, practice makes perfect,” Ramirez said. “The more you practice, the better you get.”

THT and First Inning on Brady Shoemaker

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THT: from the Appalachian and Pioneer League awards:

Hitter of the Year

Brady Shoemaker / OF / Chicago White Sox

Nobody stood head and shoulders above anyone else this year in the Appy League. But Chicago’s new 19th round pick posted a .351 batting average and 1.011 OPS while displaying his power hitting prowess with 21 doubles and nine home runs in just 205 at-bats.

First Inning:

Outfield – Brady Shoemaker

Shoemaker impressed all year with a .351/.426/.585 line with 21 doubles and 9 HR’s. The White Sox prospect spent most of his time playing left field for Bristol.

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