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September 4, 2009

Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen on Jake Peavy

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Kenny Williams on Jake Peavy:

“There’s a little bit of inflammation still that is contributing to the problem, but structurally he has been checked out as you can imagine, in every way shape or form. Until the soreness gets out of it, it’s a bone bruise. And bone bruises sometimes take time. But as long as we’re in this thing, he’s gonna try to keep going out there and get loosened up and get ready, and we’re going to allow it to happen, so any talk about shutting him down, from anybody other than me, is premature.”

Ozzie Guillen on Jake Peavy:

“I think it would be tough for [us] to see him any time soon because he can’t still throw because of the bruising on his arm. After [he starts throwing] we gotta come out with a plan to make him throw on the side, and the side day and you have to have a simulated game, [after] simulated game you gotta to go wait for a few days to recover, then throw another day, then maybe pitch in the game. I said last week, I believe I don’t [think] we’ll have him the rest of the year because I got to with my realistic plan, I gotta set the rotation [with] what I have now. If he come back, then we make some moves, but right now I [don’t] feel like he’s gonna be here soon, because we gotta go through so many different things and I don’t think we have enough time for that.”


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