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September 1, 2009

Peavy to be shut down?

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Ozzie Guillen on Jake Peavy:

“Believe me, if we fall more and I don’t think deep inside my heart and my guts that we have a chance, I will tell [general manager Kenny Williams] and [pitching coach Don Cooper] to just shut him down and wait for next year. I am honest with myself. It’s funny, because you can tell the fans anything you want. But when you go to sleep and think about how good you are or how bad you are, you’re not lying. I’m not lying to myself. … When Peavy says, ‘Ozzie, I’m ready to go,’ I’ll pencil him in. I never said, ‘I hope he pitches that day.’ When he’s ready, we’ll put him in. If I don’t think he’s ready, I don’t think we should take the risk. We’ve got to wait and see how he’s going to be when he gets better with his arm. Now, he’s got to go back and start throwing again. The rehab assignment is going to be done because Triple-A is done. There’s a lot of things out there I can’t count on. I want it, but in the meanwhile, I don’t want people to put pressure on this guy to go out and do something he’s not supposed to do. I want it, I need him, yes, but I don’t want to take a chance. … Do we have a shot? Of course. If we keep playing like this, are we going to have a shot? No chance. I said that two weeks ago. If we continue to play like that, believe me, we’re not going to do it.”


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