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August 24, 2009

THT on Gavin Floyd and John Danks

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Troy Patterson:

Gavin Floyd was a potential bust in 2009 due to ratios that didn’t match his numbers through last season. He has regressed, but not nearly to his FIP or xFIP. John Danks had also beaten is FIP and xFIP, but with a strong K/BB and average groundball rates he seemed to be the better choice in 2009. Looking at the numbers they have been almost the same.

              IP        ERA       W         K         K/9       K/BB      HR/F      BABIP     LOB%      xFIP
Gavin Floyd   157.7     3.94      10        134       7.65      2.53      9.60%     0.295     69.10%    3.83
John Danks    141       3.96      10        116       7.40      2.27      9.80%     0.295     73.20%    4.42


August 23, 2009

Team Bacon

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Step 1: Mispronounce Beckham’s name, Step 2: Make T-shirts with your mispronunciation, Step 3: Sell, Step 4: Profit:

[Ozzie] Guillen wore a new T-shirt in the clubhouse Sunday morning: “Team Bacon, 15.” That’s a takeoff on Guillen’s pronunciation of [Gordon] Beckham’s last name.

A pitch F/X look on Freddy Garcia’s game on Tuesday

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On Tuesday, Freddy Garcia made his 2009 debut for the Chicago White Sox. He wasn’t all that impressive, going 4.1 innings, allowing 5 earned on 1 walk and 3 strikeouts. Let’s take a more detailed look in pitch f/x: …

BTW, here’s BrookBaseball’s Pitch F/X tool entry on Freddy’s outing.

Ozzie and the sardines

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For all the focus on their visits to Boston and New York on their upcoming 10-game road trip, the last leg of the trip will be a happy ending of sorts for the White Sox: It will mark their last visit to the hated Metrodome in Minneapolis. ‘‘I’m going to bring some grenades and blow that thing up myself,’’ manager Ozzie Guillen said Saturday. ‘‘We’re the only team that really has problems there. Everybody else plays a normal thing. I think when the White Sox come around, I don’t know if some disease comes to the ballpark and gets us.’’ …

Jordan Danks off the DL and in the lineup

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Jordan Danks came off the DL and was 1-5 in yesterday’s Birmingham game. Here’s his month-by-month performance.

Daniel Hudson compared to other Sox pitching prospects

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Dan Hudson has been the buzz of the White Sox minor leagues since Gordon Beckham earned his promotion to the White Sox. He started the season in Low-A Kannapolis and is currently pitching for the AAA Charlotte Knights. He has pitched in four levels this season, a mostly unheard of feat. So the question this brings up is how does Hudson’s stellar 2009 stack up against previous pitching prospects in the White Sox system that had torrid campaigns? …

Chad Ochocinco: boxer

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from the ‘Things that need to happen as soon as possible’ dept.:

“So when I get in the ring and knock out (welterweight champ Andre) Berto, and people are like, ‘I didn’t know Chad could fight,'” he said to us, “I just told you.”

August 22, 2009

Warning: Ozzie will use Linebrink tomorrow

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Here’s Ozzie Guillen:

“I was thinking about Liner today. He’s gonna be out there tomorrow. Hopefully, we get him out there tomorrow, no matter how the game is. I have to get this guy to the mound. I have to. Even [if] people don’t want [me] to. We’re not gonna win without him. Or, it’s gonna be tougher, because we did win without him last year, he was out two months [because] he was hurt, but it’s gonna be tough for us to win without Liner and we got to him the ball back and the confidence we have for him.”

Ozzie on the Twins and the Metrodome

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Ozzie Guillen on the Sox playing their last series on the Metrodome that’ll be razed in the offseason:

“Those piranhas, when you put them in another pond, they’re going to be a different piranha. They might be sardines.”

Usain Bolt: White Sox fan

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usain-boltNew York Times:

“Bolt, who turned 23 on Friday, showed up at the track for the medal ceremony wearing a Chicago White Sox cap, drawing an instant gathering.”

The fastest man on earth! Ozzie’s dreaming about Bolt stealing 200 bags.

What was Pods thinking?

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Ozzie on Podsednik’s first inning pickoff:

“Scotty’s a veteran player; he’s been around a long time. But when that happens every week, you scratch your head, ‘What’s on his mind?’ I wish he had more concentration on the basepaths. He’s going to continue to play, but I hope that doesn’t happen again.”

Don’t chew and pitch

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About a month ago, John Danks began experiencing circulation problems in his left index finger. He didn’t know exactly how it happened, but he wanted to make sure one of his bad habits wasn’t a contributing factor. So, the White Sox lefty kicked his routine of chewing tobacco. Tobacco use can be known to have a hand in circulatory problems. Since that time, the circulation issue has subsided. And while Danks still isn’t sure whether his tobacco use had anything to do it, he isn’t taking any chances.

Where’s your pride? Where’s your pride?

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According to manager Ozzie Guillen, Jose Contreras almost had to be pushed back from Wednesday to today [Friday] because he had some sort of scratch on his eye. How did it happen? ”His wife probably beat him up because of how bad he was pitching,” Guillen joked.

Tyler Flowers to come up when rosters expand?

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Rosters can expand Sept. 1, and Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said he only needs another catcher and an infielder.

Gregor thinks the players could be Flowers and Lillibridge. Remember, AJ gets 10-and-5 no-trade rights next mid-season.

August 21, 2009

Ozzie sets the infield of the future for the Sox (UPDATE)

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Here’s Ozzie Guillen:

“[Nix] is going to be my utility player as long as he wants to. This kid is a great utility player. I think our plan is having [Gordon Beckham, Alexei Ramirez] and Getz at their positions for the future. [Nix] can help us a lot when we need him. He’s playing very well, but am I going to pencil him in every day? Time will tell. Now we have three guys and we count on those guys for a long time.”

So, we have: 2B: Getz, SS: Alexei, 3B: Beckham, UL: Nix

Seems Ozzie doesn’t think Nix > Getz

UPDATE: More Ozzie on Nix:

”When he hits them, he hits them pretty good. ‘He’s got unbelievable bat speed. I’m very surprised the team he played with in the past [the Colorado Rockies] let him go. I’m sure they had their own reason. He’s going to be a White Sox for a little while.”

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