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August 25, 2009

Look for an ‘AFL JR’ in 2010

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MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo says to look for a junior AFL in 2010. With the closing of the Hawaiian Winter Baseball league after the 2008 season there was thought of creating a junior AFL for lower-level prospects. That didn’t happen, but each team is allowed to send 2 A-ball prospects to the AFL this year. The AFL Jr. should be an A-ball prospects league, while the AFL would remain a AA-ball and AAA-ball prospects league.

Where will Jake Peavy’s next start be? (UPDATE)

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Here’s pitching coach Don Cooper:

“My comment to (Peavy) was, ‘hopefully you getting hit in the elbow won’t get in the way of your next start,’ ” Cooper said Tuesday before the Sox took batting practice. “Where that is? I don’t want him to miss his next start. But we’ll see how it goes. If he has to take it another day, we’ll see. But that will unfold the next day, and see how he feels.”

UPDATE: Merkin says we won’t have an answer until Thursday/Friday. Here’s a video: Peavy nearing his return (1:37).

Make Firefox faster by vacuuming its databases (took me 10 seconds) (UPDATE)

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2 ways to do it:

1. Install the VacuumPlaces extension or

2. Follow these instructions:

  • Open the Error Console: Tools menu/Error Console
  • In the Code text box paste this (it’s a single line):
  • Press Evaluate. All the UI will freeze for a few seconds while databases are VACUUMed

from mozillalinks, hat-tip lifehacker.

UPDATE: The VacuumPlaces extension has been improved. hat-tip lifehacker.

The Outfield joins Gordon Beckham’s radio interview

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Gordon Beckham did an interview on WSCR and 2 members of ‘The Outfield’ (Tony Lewis and John Spinks) joined in.

Play: http://www.670thescore.com/topic/play_window.php?audioType=Episode&audioId=3974818 (15:53)

Download mp3: http://www.670thescore.com/episode_download.php?contentType=36&contentId=3974818

Podcast: http://podcast.670thescore.com/wscr2/1919209.mp3

BTW, Gordon Beckham’s at-bat music is after the jump. Ozzie doesn’t approve.


Jordan Danks and Dayan Viciedo highlight 2009’s Sox AFL players

This year’s Sox team are the Peoria Javelinas. The Full Roster is here. Besides Jordan Danks and Dayan Viciedo the other Sox participants are: Justin Cassel, Johnnie Lowe, Henry Mabee, Jacob Rasner, and C.J. Retherford.

No Tyler Flowers or Dan Hudson. 😦

BTW, Lowe and Rasner are featured in this week’s FutureSox ‘Hot and Cold’ column.

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