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August 13, 2009

Fangraphs haz tRA

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Good news everyone. tRA has made its way to FanGraphs thanks to Graham MacAree of Lookout Landing and statcorner.com. tRA is currently located in the player pages under the batted ball section of stats. Directly from the StatCorner glossary: tRA involves assigning run and out values to all events under a pitcher’s control and coming up with an expected number of runs allowed and outs generated in a defense and park neutral environment. tRA is on a R/9 scale and does not involve any regression of the rates.

some tRAs for 2009:  Mark Buehrle (5.15), John Danks (4.50), Jake Peavy (3.17), Gavin Floyd (5.01), Jose Contreras (4.24), Bartolo Colon (6.01), Clayton Richard (5.01)

Fangraphs’ tRA is different than statcorner’ tRA though:

There are a couple things which are different between the StatCorner version of tRA and the version implemented on FanGraphs. The main difference is we’re using Baseball Info Solutions batted ball stats instead of Gameday batted ball stats. The other difference, though probably not as major is we’re using different park factors.

the statcorner values: Buehrle, Mark (4.50), Danks, John (4.00), Peavy, Jake (3.17), Floyd, Gavin (4.26), Contreras, Jose (3.65), Colon, Bartolo (4.70), Richard, Clayton (5.01)

BTW, here’s a more detailed introduction to tRA. And here.

Better wear your cups

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Seatlle PI:

The Mariners placed third baseman Adrian Beltre on the 15-day disabled list with a severely contused right testicle. Beltre suffered the injury in the ninth inning when a ground ball off the bat of Chicago White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez hit Beltre in the groin. Beltre does not wear a protective cup. He finished the 14-inning game. Manager Don Wakamatsu said Beltre might need surgery because of bleeding in the testicle. If surgery is required, it could take months for Beltre to recover.

More at SI. And MLB Fanhouse.

Mark Buehrle to the rescue!

Mark Gonzales looks at the Sox financial picture:

“We follow the traditional business model,” said Boyer, the Sox’s vice president/chief marketing officer. “Projected revenues minor projected expenses equal the player payroll.” Boyer admits the Sox were “sitting on more inventory than anticipated” until Mark Buehrle’s perfect game July 23 accelerated ticket sales. Sales for the Sept. 25-27 series against the division leading Tigers have increased, and a four-game series against the Red Sox — a traditionally strong attraction — Sept. 4-7 could accelerate.

Gonzales notes tht A.J. Pierzynski will gain full no-trade rights (10 and 5 player) at the middle of next season.

Tyler Flowers voted Southern League’s best defensive catcher

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Tyler Flowers voted Southern League’s best defensive catcher by league managers

Flowers also won the best plate discipline award, while C.J. Retherford was voted the Southern League’s best defensive 2nd baseman.

Charlotte has Jake Peavy fever (UPDATE #3)

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here’s Peavy’s final line:

Peavy, J 3.0 1 0 0 1 5 0 0.00

Carlos Torres replaced Peavy prior to the top of the 4th inning.

From Phil Rogers’ post:

Peavy said before the game he expects to pitch twice more on his rehabilitation assignment, first next Tuesday — most likely for Charlotte at Durham or at Double-A Birmingham — and then on Aug. 23, most likely for Charlotte at Gwinnett. That would put him on target to make his Sox debut Aug. 28 at Yankee Stadium.

UPDATE: From Phil Rogers’ column:

His fastball hit 93-94 m.p.h. on some stadium guns, and he says he expects to have 96 at his disposal in the near future.

UPDATE #2: whitesox.com:

Of his 43 pitches, some were clocked at speeds of 91 and 92 mph. He said when he’s in peak form he expects to reach the mid-90s. “I threw every pitch I had — fastball, cutter, curveball, slider, changeup,” he said. “The ball was coming out fairly good. I don’t feel like I’m as strong as I’m gonna be.”

UPDATE #3: Gonzales:

a scouting report on Jake Peavy’s performance Thursday night revealed that his fastball was clocked from 89 to 94 mph, averaging at 91. His slider was clocked at 82, his change-up at 84 and cut fastball at 85. Peavy threw first-pitch strikes to five of the 10 batters he faced. He threw his third and final inning out of the stretch.

“He’s not a winning-type player.”

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say some ex-teammates about Alex Rios:

Rios is guaranteed $12 million to $12.5 million every year from 2011 to 2014. And that’s star money. But is he magically going to turn back into a star just because he’s playing for Ozzie Guillen, in a hitters’ paradise? Not if these reviews from ex-teammates are accurate:

• “He’s not a winning-type player. He’s a guy who just doesn’t have that burning desire to win, or be great.”

• “He was a guy who just didn’t go after it. He’d be sleeping in his locker 10 minutes before he had to go out on the field. And not just once.”

• “He wasn’t the same player after he got that [seven-year] contract. It sure seemed like he was a lot more motivated when he was looking for a contract than he was since he got the contract.”

Yawn… I hope!

Baseball Analysts on Jared Mitchell

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Marc Hulet:

23. Chicago AL: Jared Mitchell | Outfielder | Louisiana State [$1.2 million]

Mitchell spent a little time on the disabled list after signing but he’s been hitting well since being activated. Mitchell currently has a line of .277/.440/.415 in 65 low-A at-bats. He’s stolen four bases in seven attempts and has a walk rate of 22.6 BB%. Unfortunately, that comes with a strikeout rate of 33.8 K%.

What was Pods thinking?

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Ozzie on Pods getting picked off third base on the 10th inning yesterday:

“Yeah, ‘What are you thinking?’ You cant’ even get mad at that play because you didn’t expect that thing to happen at the big-league level. You expect everybody to know what they’re doing and what is their role, how important it is, but he just, I guess he was thinking about something else.”

Jim’s first impression of Dayan Viciedo

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I’m sold on Dayan Viciedo. … At the plate — the guy is a beast. You can tell Viciedo apart from the rest of the hitters on the field at Five County Stadium merely by the sound of the ball against his bat. Even his choppers have an echo, and that’s what tells me that I didn’t just see him on a good night. …

Jim also has video of Viciedo, reports on Jordan Danks, C.J. Retherford, Christian Marrero, and Jim Gallagher and some photos from the game too.

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