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August 9, 2009

Freddy Garcia to join Jake Peavy at Charlotte

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It appears it will be a busy week at Triple-A Charlotte for White Sox pitchers. Freddy Garcia will be moved up from Single-A Kannapolis and will make a start with Charlotte on Tuesday, according to White Sox sources. Jake Peavy‘s first rehab start will be Thursday with the Knights. The consensus among Sox brass is, if Garcia has two good starts at Triple-A, he will be a viable alternative in the fifth-starter role.

The Knight’s marketing department is going nuts. A Cy Young and a World Series winner!

Bret Saberhagen on what he looks for in a young pitcher

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I asked Saberhagen what he looks for in a young pitcher. From a mechanical standpoint, Saberhagen insists, “The release point and arm angle must be consistent. The ball will react differently if the release point changes. A pitcher has to repeat the same delivery with all of his pitches.”


Regarding the mental aspect, Saberhagen said, “I like to see cockiness—not arrogance—and a kind of swagger in the way they walk.

BA had the walking part down!

Scott Linebrink (UPDATE)

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“We’ve got to play good within our division,” said reliever Scott Linebrink, who gave up three runs over 1 1/3 innings. “We played a couple of good teams well, but we have to continue that against the division, especially if we’re going to come out on top in this thing.”

Why is this POS allowed to talk? Shut your damn mouth Brikey.

What in the world did Kenny see in this wreck and gave him a 4-year deal? I remember looking at his declining ratios (HR, K, BB, K/BB) at the time of the signing and screaming what a bloody mistake that was.


No D.J. start in the near future

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Guillen is not considering using middle reliever D.J. Carrasco as a starter any time in the near future. Guillen said today that Carrasco should just concentrate on doing what he’s doing and not worry about being a starter.

Speaking of D.J., Jim has a nice post on him.

Freddy Garcia is on his way up

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Here’s Ozzie:

“Freddy’s on the way up, I’ll be honest with you. I’m not going to hide anything from you guys,” said Guillen of his close friend and basically family member, working his way back through Minor League starts. “He’s throwing real well. “I’m not saying Freddy’s going to be the next guy, he’s not. But the way he’s pitching right now, we like that. I think Freddy needs a couple more starts in the Minor Leagues still.”

A look at the Shoeless Joe Jackson museum & Baseball Library

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Dave Hoekstra:

In April 2006, the red brick home in which the legendary White Sox lived and died was dismantled and moved to across the street from Fluor Field, the beautiful new stadium of the Greenville Drive, the Boston Red Sox’ Class A affiliate. The home opened as the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum & Baseball Library in June, 2008. The house is at 356 Field Street — in honor of Jackson’s .356 lifetime batting average, the third highest in baseball history.A life-size bronze statue of Jackson has been erected downtown in the Joe Jackson Plaza. The statue base is made from original bricks salvaged from Comiskey Park. …

If you hit one of mine, two of yours are going down

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Ozzie’s mad and he’s not going to take it anymore:

“If I see someone hit my player, and I know they hit him on purpose it’s two guys going down. I don’t care if I get suspended,” Guillen said. “I rather have me suspended for two games than have my players on the DL for 30 days.”

Remember this? It may be relevant to the Rios claim

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Rogers Communications, the company that owns the Blue Jays, wants to bring its costs under control. The Blue Jays have said they don’t have to deal Halladay, who has over $20MM left on his contract, for financial reasons.

Halladay wasn’t traded so his contract is still on Toronto’s budget. The same is true for the Vernon Wells contract.

In which Selig gives Obama a Cardinals jersey before the start of the All-Star Game

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In photos obtained by the Sun-Times, Obama was supposed to wear a No. 44 St. Louis Cardinals jersey, handed to him by baseball commissioner Bud Selig.

and Obama says ‘nice try Bud’:

Bryan Morgado at the Cape Cod playoffs

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8/8 boxscore:

Bourne Braves          IP  H  R ER BB SO AB BF
Bryan Morgado.......  5.2  4  1  0  4  4 19 23
Logan Billbrough....  2.1  1  1  0  0  4  9  9
Trevor Knight.......  1.0  0  0  0  1  2  2  4

From the Cape Cod times article:

Both Orleans runs were unearned, with one comimg off Bourne starter Bryan Morgado, a third-round White Sox draft pick out of Tennessee.

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