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August 8, 2009

Sox to move Gordon Beckham to second base in the off-season?

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GordonBeckhamJim Luttrell @ New York Times:

White Sox third baseman Gordon Beckham is sure to attract some attention at the end of the season for rookie of the year honors. If the White Sox go ahead with a planned move of Beckham to second base this off-season, he will certainly draw more comparisons to another Chicago player who made a similar switch early in his career. …

Is Jake Peavy headed to Charlotte? Yes, he is! (UPDATE #2)

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Bruce Levine:

I was the only reporter this afternoon watching pitcher Jake Peavy throw his side session. Peavy threw 52 pitches to live batters using his whole repotoire of ptiches. Pitching coach Don cooper told me that if everything works out well for Peavy, he’ll make his first start in the minor leagues on Thursday, most likely at Triple-A Charlotte.


Ken ‘The Hawk’ Harrelson and the Exponential Growth concept

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Teddy Greenstein:

“After the Red Sox traded me to Cleveland [in 1969], I held out for seven days. I told [Commissioner] Bowie Kuhn: ‘I’m not going. I was making more in the off-season [in endorsements] than my salary, and I want to be compensated.’ “I agreed to meet him, and that morning I watched ‘Sesame Street’ on TV. They were teaching kids about saving a penny a day. When I saw [Indians general manager Gabe Paul], I told him: ‘I’ll play for the minimum if you give me double a penny for every home run I hit. One cent, then two cents, then four.’ And Cleveland had a huge ballpark. He wouldn’t go for it. I hit 30 home runs. I would have made more than the entire club (an extra $5.3 million). But I did get $100,000 a year for two seasons — fourth-highest in the game.”

Maybe Hawk is a descendant of the Persian rice guy.

BDD’s Defensive Metrics series: RF

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Brian Joseph:

While UZR/150 is the stat du jour for many when it comes to defensive stats, there are plenty of statistics available that offer us some insight on defensive performance. For this reason, I thought it would be a great exercise to look at as many defensive metrics — from the unpopular fielding % and RF/9 to the very popular fielding value and UZR/150 — and rank them by position for each league. The next step was to add those rankings up and come up with a cumulative ranking at each position. Over the next week or so, I will look at each position around the Majors and present how the players ranked out at each position and which metrics were used (and where I pulled the data from).

Here is the RF entry:

RF (Fielding %, RF/9, UZR/150, F2O%, ARM, RZR, OOZ, Fielding Value, +/-)

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