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August 7, 2009

Who claimed Alex Rios? (UPDATE #2)

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Among the teams that may have claimed Rios: The Red Sox, who have tremendous financial flexibility; the White Sox, who have long liked Rios but just made a major investment in Jake Peavy; and the Giants, who turned down the Jays’ offer of Rios for Tim Lincecum after the 2007 season.


During the all-star break, some insiders suggested the San Francisco Giants – who turned down a Blue Jays offer of Rios for Tim Lincecum two winters ago-and the Chicago White Sox might have interest in the outfielder.

MLBTR‘s info says it’s not the Giants, Red Sox, Mets, Mariners, or Reds. And BTB has a nice article on Rios’ trade value.

I don’t see how it can be Kenny Williams looking at Rioscontract:

2015:$13.5M club option ($1M buyout)

Jerry Reinsdorf will smack Kenny when he sees that!


Bobby Jenks back with the Sox; Alexei Ramirez starting

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Bobby not available for tonight’s game; Alexei in the lineup


Jim tries to find what’s behind the Sox backup catchers lack of hitting

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Ramon Castro drew the collar on Thursday, and it made me reconsider some choices I’ve made in my life. Specifically, my decisions to spend more than the minimum amount of time to evaluate White Sox backup catchers.  I’m convinced that it doesn’t matter who the Sox use to back up A.J. Pierzynski. In youth and in old age, in prime or past it, in sickness and health, they simply can’t hit. …

Smells Like Mascot: The Miracle Hat

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Joe Cowley: Brian Anderson the antithesis of Gordon Beckham

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Cowley must have first-hand knowledge:

Basically, he’s the antithesis of a former highly touted Sox prospect, Brian Anderson, who would just as soon put the moves on a date’s mom than meet her. But Beckham, he’s from a different school. And the media and fans are eating it up.

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