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August 31, 2009

Sox trade Jim Thome, Jose Contreras (UPDATE)

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Gonzales: “Thome and cash to LA Dodgers for infielder Justin Fuller” Fuller is a 26-year old that hasn’t reach AA yet.

Gonzales: “Contreras and cash to colorado for RHP Brandon Hynick” Hynick is a 24-year old in AAA. I can’t believe we got someone with those numbers for Jose Contreras.

BTW, did the Sox send cash on one two trades?

Thanks to both Jim and Jose for the memories. The Taters and the World Series streak won’t be forgotten. I hope Thome knows that there is no DH in the league he approved a trade to though.

UPDATE: SoxNet takes a more in-depth look at the new Sox players.

And here’s a quote on Justin Fuller: “He’s just a player,” a Dodgers source said.

Peavy’s Diagnosis: Bruised Elbow

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Jake Peavy has just a bruise on his right elbow and some swelling and will try to play catch Tuesday. His next start is still up in the air.

MRI was clean.

The 6 teams in Dye’s no-trade clause

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Thome and Dye could become free agents after this season, but Thome has a full no-trade clause, while Dye has a limited one that includes both New York teams, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia and Washington.

Sox put Dye, Thome, Linebrink on the trading block (UPDATE)

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ESPN reports that the Sox distributed a memo telling other teams that Jermaine Dye, Jim Thome, Scott Linebrink, are available. The trading deadline is 11 PM CT today.

You’re only wasting ink with Linebrink’s name.

UPDATE: Phil Rogers adds Paul Konerko, Octavio Dotel and Jose Contreras, among others in the list. Robothal adds Scott Podsednik.

New more protective helmets in the minor-leagues in 2010

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The Minor Leagues adopted the new Rawlings helmets for 2010.

Sox expected to pick up their part of Dye’s mutual option?

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Jon Heyman:

While the White Sox are expected to exercise the $12-million option on Jermaine Dye, it’s a mutual option, and there’s still a chance he’d turn it down. It’ll be interesting to see whether the acquisition of Rios plays into his thinking. On Tuesday, the White Sox plan to bring up top power-hitting prospect Tyler Flowers on call-up day.

I don’t think so. And if they did, why would Dye turn it down? I don’t think he’ll get more than $12 million.

Tyler Flowers, come on up!

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Guillen said he and general manager Ken Williams discussed call-up candidates Friday. ”He named a couple of players,” Guillen said. ”He named [catcher Tyler] Flowers. He named Getz, and I think [Josh] Fields should be here. He named Fields, Getz [and] pitcher Carlos Torres. I don’t know after that. We mentioned that we need a lefty for the bullpen.”


August 30, 2009

Jared Mitchell goes on the DL

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The first round pick from the 2009 draft of the Chicago White Sox, Jared Mitchell, has been placed on the 7-Day disabled list retroactive to August 28th with a suspected leg injury. …

Ozzie Guillen wants the Sox to be as high as they can be

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Ozzie Guillen:

“We have to win the series there (in Minnesota). There’s no doubt. If we lose this series, it’s going to be hard for us to get where we want to get. It’s going to be pretty tough, and hopefully those guys know about it.”

Where do we want to get to? Unprotected draft pick (16-30)? A quick look of the standings shows 12 teams with worse records than the Sox. Maybe we can pass the Brewers and the Cubs. That’s 14. We need one more.

“I’m pretty sure because the momentum of the ballclub, if we don’t win this series in Minnesota, I don’t think this ballclub is going to be as high as it can be.”

Be as high as you can? Talk to Freddy!

Peavy needs another minor-league start?

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Cooper wouldn’t say whether Peavy, who threw only 68 pitches and 3 1/3 innings for Charlotte on Saturday, would need another rehab start. Nevertheless, the deliberate nature in which the Sox have mapped Peavy’s rehab from a right ankle injury suggests he will need another minor-league outing despite Guillen’s wish to have Peavy make his next start with the Sox.

Fangraphs: Joe Serafin’s Underdog Story

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Brian Joura:

Chances are you have never heard of Joe Serafin, a pitcher in the minors with the Kannapolis Intimidators, the low-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. But if Serafin ever makes it to the majors, his story has all of the makings of a Hollywood movie. Everyone always makes a big deal out of Mike Piazza being a 62nd-round draft pick. Today, the draft does not last that long; still the odds of someone making the majors after the first 10 rounds are slim. The White Sox picked Serafin on the 37th round this past June, the 1,123rd player taken overall. …

Ozzie has calmed down

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“I always calm down. I have to say what I have to say. I mean it. If anybody don’t like it, my office is open. If I say that, it’s for a reason. I’m not crazy, I’m not stupid. What’s the reason? Look at the record. We better [step it up] because if they want to win, they are the ones who have to perform. If they want to feel proud of themselves, they better step it up. I’m not saying I don’t believe in them; I don’t say we cannot win with this ballclub. I just say the way we are playing, if they think they are playing good, they just have to get a tape and watch the way they are playing. That’s what they have to do, because I watch it and I don’t think it’s good. They know me. I’m always going to say the way it is. Some people have some guts, some people don’t; some people say maybe it’s Ozzie being Ozzie. My honesty takes me to a lot of problems, but nobody is going to change me. And I will keep my head up, because I know I was telling the truth. A lot of guys out there [have] played for me a lot of years, and they know I’m not a hypocrite. They know that I love them from the bottom of my heart, and I will fight for them every minute. But I have a job to do.”

August 29, 2009

Peavy leaves after 3 and 1/3 with elbow tightness (UPDATE)

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In his 4th minor-league start Jake Peavy threw 68 pitches (43 strikes) in 3 and 1/3 innings (4 K / 1 BB). Peavy had said before the game that he wanted to throw 6 innings or 100 pitches. Before leaving the game, Peavy received a visit from trainer Scott Johnson after experiencing elbow tightness.

here’s the pitching portion of the boxscore:

Peavy, J 3.1 4 2 2 1 4 0 2.93
Jimenez, K 1.2 0 0 0 0 2 0 4.30

UPDATE: Peavy will be examined tomorrow by Herm.

Will September’s roster expansion be flowery?

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Guillen said he spoke Friday to general manager Ken Williams about players under consideration to be called up when 25-man rosters can be expanded on Tuesday. The most eye-opening name is Tyler Flowers, touted by the Sox as their catcher of the future. Flowers is batting a combined .295 with 15 home runs and 55 RBIs at Triple-A Charlotte and Double-A Birmingham. Veteran catcher A.J. Pierzynski is signed through 2010 and will earn full no-trade rights if he’s not traded before the middle of next season because of his 10 years of major-league service with at least the last five with the same team.

UPDATE: Yes, it will.

Ozzie unloads

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Ozzie Guillen:

“I’m embarrassed, and everybody in that room should be embarrassed. If they’re not embarrassed, they got the wrong job, or they’re stealing money from baseball. I feel like I’m stealing the money from [White Sox chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf], and that’s a shame. When you’ve got more errors than hits, you better look yourself in the mirror and start second-guessing yourself. But I’m second-guessing myself right now, making the wrong lineup every day. I second-guess myself bringing in the wrong guys to pitch, second-guess myself [in that] we work so hard to put this team together, all the way from Spring Training, and when I look on the field … It gets to the point where [if] you are a veteran player — and I have a lot of respect for them — you appreciate what they [have done] for you in the past, but this is not Major League Baseball, sorry.”


“I was making the lineup today and started to laugh. I just finished making the lineup minutes ago and started laughing because when you only got one hit and three errors, it’s not easy to pencil people in. It’s not.”

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