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July 28, 2009

Bartolo Colon, Clayton Richard, Josh Fields: rotation, bullpen, AAA

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Sox Net:

Joe Cowley is reporting that the White Sox will make room for newly acquired 1B/OF Mark Kotsay on the 25 man roster by sending 1B/3B Josh Fields to AAA Charlotte. The move won’t be made official until Wednesday, which is when Kotsay is expected in the Sox dugout. The Sox have also announced the lefty Clayton Richard will be sent to the bullpen with Bartolo Colon replacing him as the 5th starter.


Sox sign 2nd round pick Trayce Thompson (UPDATE)

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Mark Gonzales:

The White Sox signed second-round pick Trayce Thompson, an outfielder from Santa Margarita High School in Southern California. Several Southern California sources confirmed Thompson will receive a $625,000 bonus.

MLB’s recommended bonus was $596,700. He will be assigned to the Bristol Sox.

Videos of Trayce Thompson here and here. Scouting report here.

UPDATE: Here’s another scouting report.

Sox trade Brian Anderson to Boston for Mark Kotsay

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Scott Merkin:

Brian Anderson got his wish to be traded, and in the process, the White Sox apparently have added a valuable veteran piece to their bench for the playoff push over the next two months. Anderson, 27, was traded to Boston in exchange for Mark Kotsay and cash considerations on Tuesday. Kotsay, 33, is a .281 hitter with 110 home runs and 614 RBIs over 13 Major League seasons. He batted .257 with one homer and five RBIs in 27 games for the Red Sox in 2009 before being designated for assignment on July 24.

Mark Buehrle in this week’s Sports Illustrated cover (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: Here’s the article.

John Sickels on Dan Hudson

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John Sickels:

White Sox pitching prospect Dan Hudson is suffering from Broken Stat Line Syndrome: he’s having a terrific year, but no one seems to be noticing because he’s split it between three different levels. He began with a 1.23 ERA with a 30/2 K/BB in 22 innings in the Sally League, then posted a 3.40 ERA with a 49/13 K/BB in 45 innings in the Carolina League, and is now 2.03 ERA with a 46/7 K/BB in 44 innings in the Double-A Southern League. His composite line: 10-5, 2.43, 125/22 K/BB in 111 innings, just 78 hits allowed, with no deterioration in his ratios in Double-A. Hudson was a fifth round pick out of Old Dominion in 2008. He hits 90 with his fastball, has a plus slider, and has improved his changeup this year. He obviously throws strikes and has good command, and he definitely belongs on your prospect lists.

Mark Buehrle’s Top Ten list (video)

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Video: http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=5781065

“You guys want to talk to me?” said Buehrle, addressing a couple of Chicago media members as they approached his locker. “Sorry, I only talk to David Letterman now.”

Jim Callis on Jared Mitchell

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Jim Callis:

The 23rd overall pick in the draft, Mitchell signed for $1.2 million. Though he has hit .393 in his first eight games at low Class A Kannapolis, he may not race to the majors. He split time between two sports at Louisiana State, and while he’s obviously gifted, he’s also in need of a lot of polish. He put an emphasis on taking pitches to get on base, but he often falls behind in the count, leading to strikeouts. He needs more balance in his stance and less uppercut his swing, and he shows more speed than savvy on the bases and in the outfield.

July 27, 2009

Mark Buehrle’s Top 10 (text)

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Mark Gonzales:

Facing the cameras before a national television audience appeared more nerve-racking than participating in a perfect game for the White Sox’s Mark Buehrle and teammates Dewayne Wise and Josh Fields. …

Ozzie Guillen wants to keep Clayton Richard in the Sox starting rotation

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Mark Gonzales:

“We’ll keep him in the big leagues — that’s for sure. I’m leaning toward starting him because this kid is making nice progress. We already did it [keep Richard in the rotation] this time. Why not do it for the next eight starts, whatever we have left [in the regular season]? In the meanwhile, we’ve got to see what’s best for the club. We’re in the pennant race, but the good deal for the future is to keep him out there.”

Alexei won’t back down (UPDATE)

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Scott Merkin:

All was not well in the White Sox dugout after a rough showing in the field during the second inning of Monday’s contest at the Metrodome. Shortstop Alexei Ramirez had to be held back by Jermaine Dye from going after A.J. Pierzynski, after Pierzynski showed his verbal displeasure for Ramirez that was caught on tape by the Minnesota broadcast of the game. Pierzynski was shown saying something to Ramirez, even as Pierzynski was walking away, before Ramirez started moving toward Pierzynski. The White Sox had committed two errors leading to two unearned runs in the bottom of the second, but neither mistake had anything to do with Pierzynski or Ramirez.

UPDATE: Incident downplayed.

FutureSox interviews Dan Remenowsky

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Judging by your K rate, how does it feel to throw an invisible baseball? Seriously though, are strikeouts your goal, or would you be happier getting a first-pitch ground out? And do you have one pitch that has been your strikeout pitch?

Haha, our pitching coach Larry Owens said that to me earlier in the season. I would much rather prefer to get a guy out on the first three pitches no matter what. I think a key for me is that I’m able to get ahead of the guys, and put them away when I have 2 strikes. I try to throw my fastball to four different spots and I think not throwing the ball down the middle of the plate has helped me so far this year.

Full interview at the link.

Tim Raines

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RJ Anderson:

Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were the only two breathing players inducted into Cooperstown this weekend. It didn’t have to be this way though, and frankly it shouldn’t have been since Tim Raines belonged right alongside them. Excuse me for drop-kicking a dead horse – smarter, better writers than I have taken it upon themselves to make the case – but, take a look at the graphical argument for. …

Preview of Mark Buehrle’s Top 10 (video)

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Video (0:45): http://www.cbs.com/late_show/video/video.php?cid=518893744…
Video with no auto-play: http://www.cbs.com/late_show/video/video.php?cid=518893744…


Among the 10 items Buehrle presented include number 5: “Did I remember to TiVo ‘So You Think You Can Dance’?”; number 4: “I’m leaving after the 7th inning to beat the traffic”; and number 3: “Should I shave my back?” Buehrle’s entire Top Ten List can be seen on the LATE SHOW tonight (10:35 PM-11:37 PM, CT) on the CBS Television Network.

No Thorndog or Coop tonight (UPDATE)

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No lefties in the bullpen tonight:

Matt Thornton, the only left-hander in the White Sox’s bullpen, left to attend to the delivery of his child. Thornton’s wife went into labor in Chicago. Pitching coach Don Cooper left to attend to a family matter.

UPDATE: Linebrink says not to worry, he’ll take over. D.J. Carrasco says not so fast there Liney.

Josh Fields takes the ball back

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Scott Merkin:

A little misinformation apparently has been floating around concerning the whereabouts of the baseball used to record the last out of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game on Thursday. And here’s the official confirmation, as provided by the White Sox themselves. The ball is in the White Sox offices at U.S. Cellular Field and will be held for future display. Josh Fields caught the final out on a throw from shortstop Alexei Ramirez and had it briefly taken by a Major League Baseball authenticator. But the ball was never lost, and the White Sox actually had it back in their possession directly from said authenticator.

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