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July 8, 2009

Bartolo Colon to pitch for the Winston-Salem Dash next year

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Winston-Salem Journal:

Ed Collari, a spokesman for the Winston-Salem Dash, a Class A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, said that the team’s front office could not work out the logistics at the Wake Forest Baseball Park to offer all-you-can-eat ticket deals this season. However, the team plans to offer an all-you-can eat deal next season when the Dash opens its new downtown ballpark off Peters Creek Parkway. Tickets for the 1,000 seats available in the all-you-can-eat section behind home plate will be $17 each. Regular-price tickets will be $11.

Jose Contreras approves of this Ramon Castro guy (UPDATE)

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Mark Gonzales:

“It was a great pickup,” Contreras said of the acquisition of Castro from the New York Mets on May 29. “No disrespect to A.J (Pierzynski). I won 17 in a row with A.J.. But having Ramon on the team is like a fresh start with the team, as a whole. “I’ve shook off Ramon twice, and both times they hit home runs. So I’m not going to shake him off often anymore.”

Ozzie Guillen commented on Contreras’ resurgence:

“I think it’s like making a big trade,” Guillen said. “That’s the way I look at it. That’s a big trade for us to have him. He came up right on time when we most needed it. We struggled early when he got here. Since he’s got here, stuff has started turning around with the pitching staff. I think everyone is back on track.”


Josh Fields for Felix Pie?

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Didn’t see this. From the Baltimore Sun:

Needing a roster spot with shortstop Cesar Izturis expected to be activated from the disabled list Friday, the Orioles are exploring trades for infielder Oscar Salazar and outfielder Felix Pie, who have garnered interest from other teams. Salazar and Pie are out options and would be likely lost through waivers, so it makes sense for the Orioles to get something in return rather than lose them for nothing. … Pie, the 24-year-old outfielder who has started just three of the Orioles’ past 21 games, is eight for his past 20 with four RBIs while getting limited at-bats with the emergence of rookie Nolan Reimold in left field. According to sources, the Orioles discussed Pie with the Chicago White Sox in a potential deal revolving around third baseman Josh Fields, but it’s not known how much interest, if any, the White Sox still have in the outfielder.

Paul Konerko on his hitting approach

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Paulie says he doesn’t go to the plate looking to go deep:

“You’ve got to watch out because if you try to get too greedy up there, this game has a way of coming back at you and flipping you over and turning around on you,” Konerko said. “I think I had a good approach last night, which was not to try to hit homers and just keep doing that. “Homers come and go. They come in bunches. They’re like bananas. That’s how you’ve got to treat them. It’s frustrating when you’re not getting them, but just to be productive and get on base, drive in a run here in there, score a run here and there, that’s the goal.” … “Walk (hitting coach Greg Walker) and Gelly (assistant hitting coach Mike Gellinger) really stay on top of us to hit the ball hard and to use right center and right field, because when this field is playing well and jumping, you can hit balls out to right field as easy as to left,” Konerko said. “If you keep that approach, usually you wind up hitting some to left, so I think that’s the way to go.”

Jordan Danks to play in the Southern League All-Star game

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The Southern League announced prior to Tuesday night’s game that Barons outfielder Jordan Danks will replace David Cook in the 2009 Southern League All-Star Game.

Tony Pena in the house

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Ozzie hopes he gets someone he can count on in the 7th, 8th and 9th:

“We need an arm we can count on and to hold those guys for the seventh, eighth and ninth,” Guillen said. “We set up from the sevent to the ninth. “Most of the time, I’ve got to use a guy for more than one inning or overuse him because I don’t have the right men to cover up those innings, and that’s the reason we [brought] him here.”

Pena says he’ll lean on Octavio Dotel for advice though:

“He’s obviously played the game many years,” Pena said. “Him knowing the AL (American League) so well and me having to learn the AL hitters, I expect to tap into him for his thoughts.”

This doesn’t look good…

Colon located

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the 5-foot-11, 245-pound right-hander has been located. Colon was scheduled to arrive in Charlotte on Wednesday night, traveling from his native Dominican Republic, and then pitch for the Knights on Thursday against Norfolk. Thursday’s start represents the first step of an on-field injury rehab plan explained by general manager Ken Williams on Tuesday evening. … Guillen presented an interesting reason as to why Colon might have gone incommunicado.

“I worry about Colon because Colon was a big-time Michael Jackson fan,” Guillen said. “He maybe was in LA at his funeral, because I can’t find him. Nobody knows how big of a Michael Jackson fan Colon was. I’m serious. He might be depressed a little bit. “To talk to Colon, you’ve got to talk to 20 different people. You got to talk to 30 different cousins, and then to his agent, who talks to his brother, his brother call his wife, his wife say he’s with Pedro, Pedro say he’s with Juan,” said Guillen, having a little fun with the subject. “I guarantee you I’ll call [President Barack] Obama, and we’ll have a talk before Colon answers the phone. Obama will put me on hold for one second. “It’s just the way he is,” Guillen said. “I remember when we signed him. We called the Dominican Republic, and it took three days to get in touch with him.”


Roy Halladay and Vernon Wells together?

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Interesting article on Roy Halladay’s value by Rob McQuown. He suggests that in order for Toronto to be able to compete, it should require the team that gets Roy Halladay, also take Vernon Wells and his contract. That should lessen the value of the package Toronto gets back for Halladay and lessen it a lot. That contract is downright awful.

FutureSox interviews Kevin Goldstein

On Flowers defense:

KG: I think the catching future is still debatable, he’s just so huge a sluggish back there. That said, there has been some progress — they’ve shortened his release a bit, and the results are encouraging.

Nice interview. His reports on Viciedo are disappointing. No plate discipline at all. Goldstein also talks about Dexter Carter, John Shelby, Jon Gilmore, Jared Mitchell, Trayce Thompson, Josh Phegley, Brandon Allen, Tony Pena, and Jordan Danks. He even talks about Roy Halladay.

Sox sign 1st round draft pick Jared Mitchell

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per Jonathan Mayo. Mitchell, who was the 2009 College World Series Most Outstanding Player, will report to Class A Kannapolis tomorrow. Here’s Orel Hersheirer’s scouting report. Mark Gonzales says that Mitchell’s bonus was expected to be in the $1.2 million range.

Jared Mitchell’s stats: 2009, 2008, 2007.

Will Hawk call the Red Sox equipment manager?

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Deadspin: Last month, the Red Sox took young Michael Yastrzemski, grandson of Carl, in the 36th round of MLB’s First-Year Player draft. The 18-year-old outfielder committed to Vanderbilt University, although he did hint that the chance to play for his grandfather’s old team could change his mind. But since the Red Sox organization seems to have forgotten how to spell one of the most revered last names in team history, perhaps Vanderbilt’s a better fit right now. Y-A-S-T-R-Z-E-M-S-K-I.

SoxMachine on the Pena trade

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Jim Margalus:

Three years ago, Kenny Williams traded for a talented but erratic right-handed reliever with favorable service time. It cost him a lower-ceiling Double-A pitcher with a solid track record, and an A-ball pitcher with a more promising arm.

On Tuesday, Williams traded for a talented but erratic right-handed reliever with favorable service time. It cost him a late-developing but fairly promising first baseman who stumbled in his first go-around at Triple-A after tackling Double-A.

Do a little algebra, and it looks like this:

Tyler Lumsden + Daniel Cortes = Brandon Allen

BP on the Pena trade

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Christina Kahrl:

The more basic problem is that he [Tony Pena] just wasn’t pitching well, even as the third-best reliever on the staff. This year’s setback also isn’t remarkable in light of his fall from grace in 2008: whereas he was one of the invincible three amigos in the Snake pen of 2007 with a 4.244 WXRL, last year he dropped off to a merely good 1.611. Change your flavor to a rate-based metric, and Peña’s FRA has gone from 3.01 to 4.87 to 5.27. The situational dominance against right-handers that underlay his ’07 breakthrough with a 521 OPS bounced up to 695 last year, and is back down to 629, and might be lower still if not for bad breaks with BABIP. Nevertheless, lefties are pasting him at a .317/.403/.524 clip, which suggests that he’s going to be something of a situational right-hander for a staff that sort of already employs Octavio Dotel in the role. He doesn’t seem to lose that much effectiveness with men aboard, and he’s still basically the same pitcher he was before in terms of throwing mid-90s heat and a good slider. …

Jermaine Dye gets no respect says Ozzie Guillen

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Here’s Rodn… I mean Ozzie:

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had an idea on why Dye, who finished 1-for-4 on Tuesday, isn’t a nationally renowned star or household name among a broad base of baseball fans.

“Because Dye is not a trouble maker, Dye is not one of the guys that is in the newspaper for the wrong reason,” Guillen said. “If you look around, everybody’s in the news because they do something stupid.

“That’s why I’m there every day. I said it before, you give me three or four JDs, I’ll be the happiest man. He shows up to play and he doesn’t give me any problems.

“He’s a pro, teaching kids. He’s a complete package,” Guillen said. “They will recognize him after the season when a few million dollars goes to his pocket. That’s all that matters. You don’t need to be famous, you need to be rich. That’s why people play this game.” …

Bryan Morgado Cape Cod League update

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Aaron Fitt:

One of [coach] Shapiro’s biggest bright spots has been lefthander Bryan Morgado (Tennessee), who is actually not a junior but a redshirt sophomore. He was drafted in the third round by the White Sox after his disappointing spring, but he’s bounced back nicely this summer, posting a 21-3 strikeout-walk ratio through 10 scoreless innings over three appearances. Morgado was named the Cape League’s pitcher of the week after striking out 16 over two outings last week. Shapiro said Morgado has been sitting in the 92-94 mph range with his fastball and is showing improved command of his power breaking ball and changeup. …

Morgado’s Cape Cod league stats.

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