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July 4, 2009

Independence day Gordon Beckham: .275/.347/.429/.776

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.776? You should be at 1.776 Gordon!

Speaking of fat

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Mark Gonzales:

Third base coach Jeff Cox took care of a weighty issue and became richer for it. The White Sox’s third base coach said reliever Octavio Dotel called him “fat” during the seventh inning of the Sox’s game at Kansas City on May 31.

“Put your money where your mouth is,” Cox said he told Dotel.

After that game, Cox weighed 217 pounds, and Dotel bet him that he couldn’t drop his weight to 200 by the Sox’s return trip to Kansas City. Cox weighed 197 pounds Thursday and collected $500 from Dotel.

“I put myself to the grindstone, and then it was nip and tuck,” said Cox, who said he strolled 20 laps around the baseball field on a daily basis. “I’m keeping it off,” he said.

Jordan Danks comes off the DL

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He’s back at his position, batting leadoff and playing CF.

BTW, Carlos Quentin hit an RBI single in the 2nd at bat of his first rehab start.

Buehrle to Coop: Don’t call me fat

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Mark Gonzales:

Buehrle said he feels fine thanks to an arm-strengthening program that has enabled him to throw between his starts all but once during the first half.

“The older you get, the more you have to be conscious of what you’re doing in the off-season,” Buehrle said. “But I think [throwing limits have more] to do more with my arm than [not working out enough].

“That’s why I got on Coop [for criticizing my conditioning] because he made it sound as if I was a fat [guy] coming into spring training. It was really just my arm.”

LOL of the day

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Lebron took his toddler to a pool party in Miami and somewhere near the pool were a couple topless woman. The morality police got outraged and there was this classic exchange in one livejournal forum (via Deadspin):

– That’s messed up, what a fucker. I know he’s a toddler and he was probably breastfed, but still, little toddlers don’t be needing to get that idea. Way to go dad.

– getting what idea exactly? that women have tits?

John Danks’ delivery

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Scott Merkin:

Throwing strikes and getting ahead of hitters have played a major part in John Danks’ five-start resurgence–pretty basic pitching fundamentals, right? But Danks also talked Friday about some side work with White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper that changed his success rate

“I got with Coop and noticed I’ve been flying off big time,” Danks said. “I’m just trying to stay behind the ball and make quality strikes, but at the very least, I’m throwing strikes.”

Danks is describing a more compact delivery, which has paid major dividends.

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