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July 2, 2009

Gordon Beckham on his latest adjustments (UPDATE)

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What adjustments has Gordon Beckham done lately?

The secret to Beckham’s recent success simply has been relaxing the specific parts of his swing to create a greater sum total against the opposition.

“The one mechanical adjustment we did make was to loosen up my shoulders and my hands,” Beckham said. “We kind of figured out I was way too tight, and that comes from the stress of trying to hit in the big leagues.

“From gripping the bat hard to tight shoulders and not having that loose upper body, it would make me swing all with my shoulders, turning my body, as opposed to letting my hands do most of the work, which is what you are supposed to do. We just freed up my hands, which is my best attribute.

“I’m getting to the inside pitches and staying on the outside, too,” Beckham added. “I’ve worked a lot with [hitting coach Greg Walker], and the work we did in the cage was really good.” …

Walker? I don’t know what to say now…

UPDATE: Greg Walker discusses Gordon Beckham’s and Chris Getz’s improvements more:Mark Gonzales:

In the case of Beckham, he started to hit when he quit swinging so hard and settled for hits up the middle and to the opposite field. Getz became more productive when he stopped being overly cautious of opponents trying to pound him inside with fastballs.

“A lot of times with young players when times get tough, the first thing is to swing harder instead of being ready to hit and being softer,” Walker said.

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