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July 2, 2009

X-rays on Alexei Ramirez’ finger were negative

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Will he return to the lineup tomorrow? Maybe.

Gordon Beckham on his latest adjustments (UPDATE)

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What adjustments has Gordon Beckham done lately?

The secret to Beckham’s recent success simply has been relaxing the specific parts of his swing to create a greater sum total against the opposition.

“The one mechanical adjustment we did make was to loosen up my shoulders and my hands,” Beckham said. “We kind of figured out I was way too tight, and that comes from the stress of trying to hit in the big leagues.

“From gripping the bat hard to tight shoulders and not having that loose upper body, it would make me swing all with my shoulders, turning my body, as opposed to letting my hands do most of the work, which is what you are supposed to do. We just freed up my hands, which is my best attribute.

“I’m getting to the inside pitches and staying on the outside, too,” Beckham added. “I’ve worked a lot with [hitting coach Greg Walker], and the work we did in the cage was really good.” …

Walker? I don’t know what to say now…

UPDATE: Greg Walker discusses Gordon Beckham’s and Chris Getz’s improvements more: (more…)

More on Aroldis Chapman (UPDATE)

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As it was mentioned earlier, 21 year old southpaw Aroldis Chapman left the Cuban national team with the intention to defect (that sounds like Capt. Remius!).

ESPN’s Jorge Arengure writes:

Chapman is still considered a fairly raw prospect. … And though his pitches have been clocked at 100 mph, some consider Chapman’s secondary pitches to be only average. For that reason, many believe Chapman likely would have to start his professional career in the minors.

However, ESPN’s Buster Olney writes that:

To put his talent in perspective: Some evaluators view Chapman as a left-handed Stephen Strasburg. “He’s pretty special,” said one official. He has a fastball clocked at 101 or 102 MPH, and a plus curveball and plus slider, to use the scouts’ vernacular.

If Olney’s right, the bidding for Chapman will be off the hook.

UPDATE: Jose’s and Alexei’s take after the jump


2010 interleague road opponents

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A rough draft of the 2010 interleague schedule includes trips to the Washington Nationals and the Florida Marlins says Ozzie.

Gregory Infante and Nevin Griffith promoted

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Gregory Infante has been promoted to Winston-Salem from Kannapolis and Nevin Griffith has been promoted to Kannapolis from Bristol.

Is Kenny trying to manipulate Carter’s trade value by keeping him in W-S?

Keep Firefox Open When Closing The Last Tab

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To stop Firefox 3.5 from closing when you close the last tab like it used to be in previous release do this:

Type about:config in the address bar and look for the browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab entry. Double-click it and change its value from true to false.

Now Firefox 3.5  shouldn’t close when you close the last tab but remain open. h/t Lifehacker.

Carlos Torres: International League (AAA) All-Star

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Here are the full rosters.

Cuban National team’s WBC No. 1 starter leaves team

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John Manuel:

Lefthanded pitcher Aroldis Chapman, the hardest thrower for Cuba and its de facto No. 1 starter during the 2009 World Baseball Classic, reportedly has left the Cuban national team (Google translation) in the Netherlands. One veteran international scout has confirmed to BA that Chapman has left the team and is seeking to defect. … He did pitch in the WBC this spring, though, hitting 100 mph on the radar gun and averaging 93 mph in a 44-pitch outing against Japan. He also pitched against Australia in Mexico City, where a scout we talked to this spring saw him and was impressed.

Here’s one scout’s opinion:

“He was unreal in Mexico City and just OK in San Diego. There were rumors heading into Mexico that he wouldn’t be there because they were afraid he would defect, but he was there and was lights out. If you are looking for more than that in a pitcher, you’ll be searching your whole life. He was so much fun to watch. If he’s 21 like he’s listed, the sky’s the limit. You’ve got honestly just one or two tweaks that could be made but he could go straight to the top of a big league rotation. He’s got a great body, definitely has high pockets, absolutely. He’s on top of the hitter, his release has extension, he’s got the ball coming out of there at 100 mph. He’s absolutely electric.”

video of Chapman pitching after the jump


Looking back at Satchel Paige

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Dave Studeman:

Back when the Hardball Times was still in its infancy, Steve Treder wrote a wonderful article about the wide-ranging baseball career of Bobo Newsom, a man who pitched nearly 6,000 innings of professional baseball over 25 years.

Impressive, true, but I wonder how a similar article about the legendary Satchel Paige would go? Satchel Paige not only pitched a lot—from local professional ball to traveling squads to the Dominican Republic to the Negro Leagues and finally to the majors—but he was an extraordinary hurler, possessing a combination of speed and control very rarely seen, with an outsized personality to match. Paige’s story is one of the archetypal stories of 20th century baseball. What an article that would be.

Not just an article, as it turns out, but a book. Larry Tye has written that book, Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a baseball fan’s must-read. …

BTW, here’s NPR’s 44 min interview with the author of the book, Larry Tye.

Bryan Morgado (LHP) Cape Cod League update

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Cape Cod Times with a Cape Cod League update:

Bryan Morgado of Tennessee was drafted in the third round by the White Sox last month, and has until Aug. 17 to sign. “They never told me a dollar amount. They said they’d follow me over the summer.”

Morgado has opened a lot of eyes on the Cape with 18 strikeouts in eight innings, and allowed only three hits and two walks. He struck out 13 in five innings Monday night against Cotuit. That’s basically just following his career form for the right-hander, who is throwing between 90-94 right now.

Morgado, as a high school senior, fanned 144 in 72 innings. But he underwent Tommy John surgery before his freshman year at Tennessee and was redshirted. …

Morgado’s Cape Cod league stats.

Smells Like Mascot: Hair Apparent

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Smells Like Mascot: Hair Apparent:



Smells Like Mascot: A Kenny Williams Composition:


‘Hair Apparent’ is awesomely awesome! Pure Genius I tell you!

Jordan Danks update

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Kevin Goldstein:

White Sox center fielder Jordan Danks never lived up to expectations at the University of Texas, but after receiving an over-slot $525,000 bonus as a seventh-round pick last June, he’s almost been a revelation. He was initially batting .322/.409/.525 at High-A Winston-Salem, and has since had little trouble adjusting to more advanced pitching at Double-A, posting a .308/.387/.442 line for Birmingham before being sidelined with a wrist injury.

“I came away impressed with him,” said one scout, “he reminded me of Jordan Schafer with a little less power and a little more hitability,” he added, while adding praise for Danks’ overall game. “He plays a very good center field, he works the counts, he does all of the little things; he’s an everyday big leaguer for sure.”

Mark Buehrle on the state of the Sox

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”We’re playing good right now, and that’s always good. It’s fun when you come to the park, and we feel like we’re going to win every game. But I still can’t forget that we’ve gone back and forth. We’ve had a good week or two, and then it seems like we can’t win a game and nothing goes right. I really don’t know. … You look ahead and see the schedule, yes — it’s not in our favor. We’ve got a tough schedule ahead of us, but we have to figure out what we’re going to do by the [July 31] trade deadline, before the schedule gets tough like that. I don’t know if [general manager Ken Williams] will put that in the picture when he decides what we’re going to do. It’s every other week with us. We play good and we’re buyers, we play bad and we’re sellers. I don’t know what Kenny is going to do, but it still seems like it will come down to how we play here the next couple weeks before the trade deadline and that will dictate what he’s doing.” Source

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