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June 26, 2009

Bristol Sox pitching prospects

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Griffith was a highly touted high schooler in the 2007 draft when the Sox took him in the 2nd round. When he signed he had a great fastball-slider combination, but after undergoing Tommy John Surgery last season he has decided to ditch his wicked slider according to tricitiessports.com. We’ll have to see what Griffith’s curve and changeup look like post-surgery, but it is very unfortunate to have to lose the slider.

More pitching prospects reports at the full article.


Carlos Quentin update

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Quentin via Scott Merkin:

“Every day I’m trying to bring up the intensity a little bit. We are doing a lot of baseball stuff. We are looking to keep doing the baseball stuff. Today was the first time I really ran on the bases. That’s a big test, itself. We are going to keep doing that and look to keep getting better as far as healing. That’s been the case the past two or three days.” …

Dan Black promoted to Kannapolis

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John Norris:

Daniel Black, after only three games in Bristol, has been promoted to Kannapolis.

Ozzie Guillen still mad by Alexei Ramirez’ carelessness

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Mark Gonzales:

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen remained disappointed by Alexei Ramirez’s lackadaisical play Thursday but elected to start him Friday against the Cubs.

“I give days off to playersthat deserve a day off,” Guillen said. “And I make it clear, I never criticize my players for an error, a bad pitch, give up a home run. But when you don’t give me your best effort, that’s not going to work with me, I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you do, how much money you make or if you’re a Hall of Famer, if you don’t give me your best effort, that thing is not going to work. It’s not about Ramirez, it’s about anyone on my ballclub. …

Sox Scouting Director Doug Laumann Q & A

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What made the club decide to pick Jared Mitchell, and how high is his ceiling?

I would have to say the biggest reason is his athleticism. He possesses the tools that cannot be taught, the main one being game-changing type of speed. Speed is the only tool in the game that you can use both offensively and defensively, and hopefully we see him using his tools in a White Sox uniform very soon. Jared has a very high ceiling that he will hopefully begin to develop soon.

Which pitchers you drafted excite you the most as far as star potential?

Probably the first three high school pitchers (2nd round lefty David Holmberg, 4th round righty Matthew Heidenreich and 7th round lefty Justin Jones). We have not taken many high school pitchers early in the draft in some time, so I am really pumped up about getting them with our player development people and seeing what we can do with them.

more at the link

BlackJack puts his General Manager hat on

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Jack McDowell:

The biggest issue is not whether your team can just make the playoffs but actually win it all (although every fan and players feels if their team can just get there, magic can happen.)

That being said, do I feel the White Sox can win the whole thing this year? As a player yes, but as a General Manager no. That puts me in the mode of seller.  So, who are my best bets to bring back building blocks for the future?

Cincinnati Reds trade OF Norris Hopper to the White Sox

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Middletown Journal:

The Cincinnati Reds have traded outfielder Norris Hopper to the Chicago White Sox for catcher Corky Miller, according to a press release.

Miller, who played sparingly for the Reds from 2001-2004, is hitting .205 while playing just 14 games for the White Sox this season.

Miller will report to Class AAA Louisville, where Hopper spent the entire season.

Here are Norris Hopper’s stats.

Fangraphs Fantasy on Bobby Jenks

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David Golebiewski:

Jenks got taken out of the yard by Cincy’s Jay Bruce on June 20th, but has since reeled off three scoreless innings (2 saves). Bobby is having some uncharacteristic issues with the long ball this year. With a career 54.9% groundball rate and 0.62 HR/9, Jenks doesn’t give up jacks too often. But in ‘09, his HR/FB% is 20 percent, 11 percent above his career average. It sounds silly to say with an established reliever like Jenks, but perhaps you could acquire him a little cheaper than usual from an owner just focusing on his inflated ERA (2.63 in ‘08, 3.33 in ‘09). Jenks’ K/BB ratio (4.33) is a career-high, with his K rate up from 5.55 last season to 8.67 this year.

Smells Like Mascot: Slugfest!

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Carl’s latest:


June 25, 2009

Ozzie Guillen concerned about Gordon Beckham

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via Scot Gregor:

“I’m concerned a little bit about Beckham, not because he’s not hitting but because it might get in his head because the expectations are too high,” Ozzie Guillen said. “I want him to realize he’s here to help us, not to carry this thing. When you are a kid and you don’t get it done, then you panic a little bit. I don’t care how tough you are or how good you are in Little League or college.”

Ozzie Guillen rips Alexei Ramirez

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via Scot Gregor:

“I never criticize my players for making errors on the field, I never will,” Ozzie said. “But when you make a lazy error, that really (ticks) me off.”

“I thought he was a better shortstop than me,” Ozzie said. “I made a big mistake when I said in January he’s going to be a better shortstop than Ozzie Guillen. I never thought I was that bad.”

Bill Melton (CSN postgame show) questioned the presence of Alexei in tomorrow’s lineup after he heard Ozzie’s comments.

Mark Buehrle won’t sign with the Cardinals because Wrigley Field sucks

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Reinsdorf to pay for the next Wrigley Field renovation:

“I mean I can’t speak for them (critics of Wrigley), but I dislike Wrigley that much,” Buehrle told Dan McNeil on the Danny Mac Show on The Score 670-AM. “I joked around with somebody the other day, saying I don’t know if I could even sign with the (St. Louis) Cardinals, as much as everybody knows one day I want to play for the Cardinals.

“I don’t know if I could because that means I’d have to go to Wrigley three times, and that’s how much I hate going over there.”

Sox players protest cuts in foster-care services

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As the heart of the White Sox offense went to bat against possible state cuts for human services, Gov. Quinn on Wednesday appeared to back away from making those funding reductions next week as his administration had once threatened.

Sox stars Paul Konerko and Jim Thome wrote a letter to the editor to the Chicago Sun-Times and other newspapers, urging lawmakers not to allow massive cuts to foster-care services. “Many of the deepest cuts directly target programs designed to protect children,” wrote the two athletes, who are partners with Children’s Home & Aid. “Today, one in six children is at risk for abuse or neglect. If these cuts are made, more at-risk children will suffer.”

THT Fantasy on Tyler Flowers

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THT Fantasy:

Flowers’ bat has begun to heat up, and his plate discipline isn’t far off from Matt Wieters and Carlos Santana’s. He is coming on strong as the South Side’s replacement for A.J. Pierzynski, if the team is looking to move on. Pierzynski is having himself a heck of a year, though. We’ll see just how serious the White Sox are about a youth movement.

Frank Thomas ‘close’ to retirement

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Frank Thomas said he’s getting close to announcing his retirement, and the 41-year-old slugger said he’s having fun being a member of the media.

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